Thoughts – Communication Barrier

As I’d somehow always said, communication is very important between any two person. And once some sort of communication barrier is there, that’s where communication will simply break down and conflicts will start appearing.

A question posted to the lil’ hub earlier uncovered a few more things. Just one question – do you have any idea where did all the coasters go to? (I have 6 initially, now I’ve only got 3 left). So an investigation started and ended up him ‘interrogating’ his mum. He came in shortly and told me that 2 is accountable for, as they were on top of the fridge, holding the “fa kuehs”. And another one… Sigh… that’s where his face started to change and he asked me to follow him… lest I get a shock in case I were to find it out myself…

2 person, stood side by side, stared at the 2 items that’s in the cupboard – a not-sure how old sambal chilli in a plastic box, and a cup of oily lard stood inside.

I only have 3 letters in my head… WTH.

The lil’ hub asked me how? Guess what I replied? “She’s your mum. You decide.”.

The lil’ hub’s question could have been asking me where to put those food items. But my answer to his is not. Mine is more of… “She’s your mum, if you don’t want to care about her health. So be it. I’m not going to care anymore. And as if whatever suggestion I made, you (or more of her) will really take into it. What’s more… I do not want to add to your frustrations from the previous day.”

Cholesterol level at 270, at the last measured, and she’s always eating left over for-don’t-know-how-many-days food. And now there’s this chilli padi that’s being left in the heat to decompose, with fatty oil that causes blood clot. Bravo. I just hope she don’t let me eat all those.

I admit. I totally, or at least 95%, can’t communicate with my MIL. Sadly.

And recalling back a few days ago where the lil’ hub actually went straight into the room and said, “I think I can’t communicate with my mum more and more”, shows that I’m not the only one who is feeling that nowadays. Maybe she had always been like that but it’s just the lack of chance to talk to her didn’t allow us to realise all these. But now that we are living together, this communication barrier seriously poses a big problem.

If the lil’ hub were to stop communicating with his mum as much, what am I supposed to do? I think I really need to just switch off and ignore everything… *inner peace*

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