Blog #0311

Just as I thought everything is in peace with itself and in equilibrium state since there wasn’t any emergency call from anyone in the office yesterday, I was wrong. And totally wrong.

To see me only writing at 2.39pm on recent days where I used to start writing so early in the morning on a weekday goes to show that something is wrong. And very wrong.

The moment I stepped into the office, after 2 minutes of not-yet-even settled down, my boss called me into her office and asked me about the issues on the reports. I was stunned, and having lots of questions in my head. I had totally no idea yet other than some of the issues that occurred on Monday. And I haven’t cleared all my emails either.

Well, apparently while I was on MC yesterday, my director’s mood doesn’t seem to be really that good and she threw an email on us, mentioning that our reports are INACCURATE and that we had already spent enough time adjusting the reports. And sadly, my admin received the whole “explosion”, especially when she couldn’t rebuke on some of her “bombs”.

But what can we do… when the application is like a blackbox to us? Sigh…

But yet the truth is… we can… For most of the things that the director shot, errors can be reduced by humans, IF they bother to check the records thoroughly. So it’s clear that somehow or another, people don’t check the report THAT detailedly. And no, I’m not the one checking. I stopped checking a long time ago and passed “the job” to the others. Sigh… Guess… I’ll have to take it back somehow for the moment… (especially after my boss requested that I do it at times also).

And now, suddenly I have one whole list of things pending my actions…

*Freaking tired* Shall stop now and quickly get back to my work.

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