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9.04am – There could be whole load of reasons that caused the discomfort in my body now – due to the expansion of the uterus, the orange that I ate that day (acidic) or the stomach flu which I could have gotten from the lil’ hub. It could probably even be a mixture of these 3 reasons or more. I have no idea. So the best and safest way is to consult my gynae…

Am taking PM leave today and seeing my gynae in the afternoon later on, just to be sure that little milkie is alright. After all, she’s the most important now. Nonetheless, the assuring part is, at least since morning, she’s still kicking and stretching happily…

11.30am – Need to grab some food to eat… feeling hungry after not eating much for so long. 3 more hours. *Pray hard*

12.13pm – Some people, when pushed to a corner, either because of plain laziness or just plain laziness, will just turn to the one who always back them up to ask for “advice” (to me, it’s more of trying to see if they can skip doing this part). And those people who back them up, stupidly and sadly, sometimes never think before they reply. Hi, you are not the only one who has a boss. And hi, I’m quite sure your boss’s boss will be more agreeable to my way of doing than yours. Don’t think that just because you worked here for a long time, then you are the king.

12.55pm – I’m now waiting for the lil’ hub to come and fetch me. Poor thing… he’s got so much work to do and yet still need to accompany me to see the gynae. The nauseous feeling is back again but I’m still trying to drink a cup of honey because I haven’t really eaten yet.

1.59pm – 10 more minutes and the lil’ hub should reach. Still feeling nauseous. Must be either the tau sar pau that I ate or the honey that I just drank…

2.34pm – Glad to be on time (4 minutes late only). Time to take a pee and test the protein and sugar level.

3.03pm – Yippee! Little milkie is totally growing healthily and fine! Weighing at about 1.3kg, and I’m weighing at 55.3kg! That’s 3kg increment from the last measured after 4 weeks! And that’s a total of about 11kg already. Maybe I should really start to eat healthier. Anyway, the gynae mentioned that it’s probably really due to the virus passed from the lil’ hub, and that recently a lot of people (I supposed he meant pregnant ladies) are having such issues – nauseousness, when they are not really supposed to. He gave me some pills though and asked me to take for 1-2 days. If it’s still as bad, then I’ll need to go down and see him again. Otherwise, the pains in the groin area or crampings seem normal to him. Oh well, I guessed I worried a little bit too much. Now, it’s time for some food! I’m so hungry!

3.15pm – Damn. Lil’ hub got a fine for illegal parking. Hmm… 2.45pm. That’s almost like the time where he JUST parked. O.O”’

4.01pm – Appetite’s still not that good even after swallowing that small little pill but at the very least, I managed to down half a bowl of noodle.

7.50pm – Wow… I didn’t realise I napped THAT long… Reached home around 3 hours ago and I had K.O. ever since after taking a short bath. I’m tired, freaking tired. Must be the fatigue that everyone was saying that it will happened during the last trimester. Just that I didn’t realise it’s that bad. Anyway, going to the friend’s house again. Lil’ hub is going to play wrestling AGAIN.

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