Blog #0314

7.39am – Sometimes it can get quite irritating when you had to force yourself to wake up so that you can clean up your house early in the morning. Worse if you see the environment in an “EUK” state. Sigh… *mood’s a little ruined*

8.14am – Hungry… but still not much appetite… but I have to eat…

11.30am – Huh? Why is she cooking… one whole POT of porridge? Thought we told her that we will be ordering pizza because my friends are coming? =.=”’ This is what happened when you have a “ki-ki” old person who only stick to her own beliefs and thoughts. Worst still, when she assumed that you are eating too. There’s something called “check and ask”. Sigh… sometimes, I really am beginning to dislike my weekends when I’m stuck at home, my own home. Can’t you just go out and shop on a weekend at times? And I just wiped clean my kitchen stove early this morning! *mood’s slightly ruined a little bit more* Sigh… and everything just felt worse when I felt so nauseous. Urgh. I HATE THIS FEELING!

12.45pm – Yeah! The fun PEEPS are here! My JC gang! And then I got quite a few gifts, ranging from a bottle of white wine, to a box of cheesy popcorns, bottles of nourishing berries juice, a pineapple (for good luck) and 2 babyGap rompers for little milkie! And the rompers are soooo cute! *mood’s better by quite a bit despite the lack of appetite* Thank you guys! For all those items! ^^

2.41pm – The sis and friend are finally here to bake the cake!

5.24pm – I’m so sleepy… but it’s okay, because the cake’s another SUCCESS!

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