Movie – Ice Age: The Meltdown

Sunday is gone, just like that… The weekend is gone, just like that… And tomorrow, it’s the start of another new week. And tomorrow, is a MONDAY. The monday where a lot of people call it BLUE. Oh, I’m trying not to call it that, so… maybe, just maybe, I’ll start to plan a little on what I should do tomorrow, IF I still have the energy.

Nonetheless, it still felt nice to (almost) end the Sunday on the sofa, watching a funny cartoon with the lil’ hub, and lil’ hub only. The MIL had somehow decided to sleep really early like before 9pm… Hmmm… (I really wonder what did she do for the whole day in her own room. Again, I still felt that she should have just gone out instead of hiding herself in the room for the whole day, not even visiting the toilet).

Anyway, here’s Ice Age: The Meltdown on Channel 5!

It’s the Part II of the first Ice Age cartoon, starring Manny the Mammoth, Sid the Sloth and Diego the Saber-toothed Tiger. So what adventure are they in this time round? As the title of the movie had already stated it out, it’s the meltdown! The meltdown of the ice and they are running for their lives!

And as the gang travelled to the “Ark”, the usual Sid created a lot of problems. And this time round, Manny felt depressed as he felt that he’s the only mammoth left, and that if he were to die, then the mammoth will become extinct! But one fine day… he met another female mammoth (Ellie)… who in the end, travelled with them together with 2 of her “brothers”, the Possums. So these group of animals travelled together and soon, love blossoms between Manny and Ellie, and that Diego overcome his fears (of swimming), and etc.

It’s a cartoon. So… LAUGH IT OUT LOUD! Furthermore, there’s that extremely funny Scrat that’s forever chasing his acorn!

I’d watched this cartoon umpteen times, and I’m still watching it. Goes to show that it’s really GOOD!

Again, it’s nice to cuddle and watch this cartoon with the lil’ hub before the harsh and busy week that’s coming, at least it’s for sure for the lil’ hub (his department totally short-handed). For me, hmm… well, we shall see how things goes…

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