Blog #0315

9.18am – Enjoying my banana cupcake and a cup of milk. Let’s hope today’s appetite is better! So that my mood will be better too though the backaches and numbness are back to haunt me… It’s alright because it’s Monday! Morning peeps!

9.57am – Sometimes I really feel like slapping some of my colleagues. The attitude that they gave is damn @)$*@!_%^*. I’m being nice and out of courtesy, I checked with you to see if you are available first before I get our internal audit to come check with you. And now, YOU are ASKING why need to go through me? Ask you to F. the wall! I’m from the PMO, mind you!


12.40pm – Seriously… Tell me how do I go for my maternity┬áleave in PEACE… if right now, I’m still getting this sort of careless mistakes? Especially when everything needs to be spoon-fed… How do I assure myself that you can solve all these problems without me?

2.04pm – Finally finished my packeted lunch…

3.14pm – Freaking tired. Can feel the brain bloated.

3.17pm – Carelessness, cannot be forgiven.

4.26pm – Aches. Backaches. Headaches. Come to me… muahahaha… I think I’m going nuts.

5.22pm – Some people… are just still so attitude after one whole day. Sigh… what a world…

6.03pm – Time to pack up and go.

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