Blog #0316

10.21am – Sleepy… very sleepy… Never really slept well yesterday night. Whole mind kept thinking about the full month package. Yes. *LOL* I’m NUTS! Oh yeah, oh yeah. BUT I LIKE THIS KIND OF PROJECT! Plan, plan, plan… This is SO exciting!

11.24am – Yeah… finished some calculation. Time to check things out!

1.10pm – Just came out from the SKP shop in AMK. Too bad that they’ve only got the blue polka dots cupcake mould for the size that I wanted. Well, little milkie is a GIRL! So I’m getting the PINKS! But glad that I’d managed to find what I want. Now… it’s MORE calculations, and designs!

2.13pm – Shall be obedient and do some work first…

4.33pm – Wow… planning is tedious… @.@”’ Sigh… need to stay a bit later in office. Otherwise, can hop by to Hougang Mall’s SKP. Oh well, shall just discuss it with my sister first.

5.07pm – OMG… 7.5 hours (estimated) of BAKING! *FAINTZ*

5.17pm – DONE! First initial draft! *PHEW*

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