Blog #0317

5.49am – Why are you kicking me so early in the morning? My little milkie don’t want to sleep is it? It’s been quite a few days since you kept waking up at this hour wor… *pat pat*

6.24am – Ahh… might as well wake up and surf the internet, and see if I can get some more ideas on your full month cake set. Not to mention that there’s still the decorations at the corridor! Is pink, white and silver alright with you? Your “Da-Yi-Ma” said use PINK, PINK and PINK. *LOL*

8.56am – Mummy has to start work already. You guai guai go and sleep okay? *pat pat* Later mummy then re-think a bit on your full month cake set okay?┬áSince your daddy said, put 6 items will do, because it’s something extra, so I’ll have to re-calculate everything…

9.13am – Why are you so active now? Excited too about your 1st month celebration? *pat pat* Don’t worry, mummy will make sure it’s closed to PERFECT! ^^ Go, go sleep. Stop kicking mummy now. Mummy needs to concentrate and work.

10.29am – Let’s stop work for a little while and look at your full month planning okay? ^^

11.30am – Hungry… Time to go for lunch soon. Little milkie hungry?

12.59pm – Little milkie full? It’s okay, mummy still got papaya, honeydew and a cup of redoxon to fill up your afternoon!

1.56pm – You know, it’s been quite good since Jor gor gor came in to help your mummy because he actually helped to clear quite a bit of those miscellaneous things which I couldn’t!

2.55pm – Your mummy is bored.

3.11pm – *Thinks my little milkie is sleeping… Didn’t kick nor punch me ever since after my lunch. So nice to take a nap after lunch huh…* *Sulk*

3.17pm – I’m like a skunk… farting all the way from my seat to the pantry… I seriously pitied those people who are sitting near the aisle. Hopefully they won’t be back in their seats that fast… *LOL*

4.00pm – Today is banana day! Mummy is very healthy today. No fried food. No spicy food either. And eating 3 different fruits!

4.34pm – Finally awake huh? *Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze* ^^

4.40pm – Wow… do you have to do a “roll-drum” to tell me that you are awake? =.=”’

4.47pm – Hmm… maybe I should do everything in shades of PINK. Hmm… Let’s think about it…

5.23pm – GO! GO! GO!

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