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9.11am – Sooooooo satisfying! I just had the vegetarian bee hoon that I bought from the canteen at level 6! *LOL* The lil’ hub must be quite pissed after receiving the picture of the bee hoon that I took and sent to him. Why? Because he’s been craving for it since last week! *LOL*

Anyway, I bought quite a few pinky stuffs yesterday after work. And I’m ready to work on the designs! Theme? Hmm… it should be Pinky + Polka Dots + Circles. Let’s see what I can do!

Time to work now!

10.30am – Fire alarm! Ahhh!!! RUN!!!! *screaaaaaaam* Oh well, not applicable to me. I’ve got privilege thus no need to go down for the fire drill. But little milkie seems excited. She seems to be woken up by the alarm and suddenly moving a lot. I really mean A LOT! Hmm… the alarm sounds normal to me though… I wonder if she heard it the same, or maybe it’s more irritating to her. *LOL*

11.37am – I just received an email directed to me, stating the below and nothing else:

Currently I have graph as shown below in my overview screen of clarity.

1. I want this to show all my direct reports.
2. I want this to show only open tickets.
3. I want separate charts for S5 and non S5.

“I want”… Do you think you want MEANS I will give you? You shall wait long long… especially with such “I want” attitude. GOOD for you, to know WHAT you WANT. But seriously, next time if you are asking for help from someone, maybe a little courtesy and requesting attitude would be a lot nicer. Still, TKK. I WANT to ignore you at this moment. Too bad, I know what I want TOO.

1.35pm – I’m back from the team’s lunch! Hmm… I think my boss is treating us…?

3.32pm – Did I just volunteer myself in web designing for our IT portal? O.o hmm… I probably ain’t thinking right. But they look rather pitiful especially when they couldn’t find anyone to help that out. Oh well, I don’t really mind…

3.56pm – Hurray! I’d got the checklist out (most of them) for the baby shower! Let’s try some and get some, sooooooon… Lil’ hub will be having dinner with his colleagues. Guess I’ll be home late today again. Sigh…

4.22pm – Suddenly the sense of handicap-ness surged through me again as I saw how easily the lil’ hub can just go out with his friends/colleagues. No, I don’t really mind him going out or what. I guess, I’m just envying him, considering the fact that I used to do that easily too… But with the tummy getting bigger, and me getting tired easier (an hour of shopping non-stop can kill my legs) as the date draws nearer… there’s hardly much things I can do other than staying at home.

For example, this week, I’ll probably be having dinner at home till tomorrow (that’s 5 days in a row!). While the lil’ hub will be having dinner outside TWICE and probably playing game with his friend tomorrow. And my sister will be going clubbing over the weekend. What about me? I’m deliberately (extremely obvious) trying to keep myself really occupied with things that probably can be forgo-ed, but yet insisting that we should do it, just so I’m a LITTLE occupied. That sounds sad huh?

An SMS with the lil’ hub on this and he told me that “I like to be pregnant”. Yes, I do, and I still do (and I love my little milkie a lot too)… but… after 7 months of restricted actions due to various reasons, and trying not to think so much, I guess I DO have the rights to feel so low suddenly at times, for feeling that my life is so boring and dull… *sulk*

A glass of ice cold beer would have helped…

5.23pm – Let’s all just go home…

11.52pm – I should have been on my bed trying to sleep if it’s the usual days. I’m on my bed, that’s correct, but… I’m writing and probably won’t be sleeping yet for the next hour or so…

Anyway, my mood was so bad just now that I took a cab home instead, though my wallet’s a little tight recently with all the little shoppings. Reached my parents’ house early and I kept myself busy by playing with the little nephew. Then the lil’ hub was nice enough to call and mention that he’ll come back for dinner instead. Of course I rejected that idea, after all, he seems to need that space and enjoyment more than I do at this moment while I still can control my emotions. So yes, he continued his dinner and I continued mine as per planned. Home is still sweet… Mood gotten better, and even more so when I began finding a lot of blogs of others that’s filled with crafts and such! Somehow, I got inspired and wanted to improve that forgotten bit – the crafty side of me. Now I’m thinking… Should I create a website for the crafts that I tried too? In the meantime while I’m thinking… I shall let my fried kway tiao and fried hokkien prawn mee slowly digest in my stomach first before I try to sleep.

Don’t you simply just love colours?

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