Food Subway @ Mount Alvernia Hospital

It’s SUBWAY! And now they are having a promotion – COMBO, which includes a 6-inch sandwich and a cup of soft drink, and all these cost ONLY S$5.00!!! I’m not sure when this is going to end, but it sure if worth it!

Don’t tell me you haven’t eat the sandwich in Subway before?!

Well, basically, there’s quite a selection of different sandwich that you can choose from. You can even choose the kind of bread that you want, and what not to put inside. After the whole selection process, they will wrap it up immediately for you. It’s really FRESH!

My favourite is the parmesan cheese bread, which gives you some cheesy taste. And then I’ll definitely choose my honey mustard as the sauce.

I’m currently at the branch located at Mount Alvernia Hospital, which is somewhere on the left of the entrance of Block A at level 1. For some reasons if you are there and don’t really like the food at the cafe, you can always drop by here.

By the way, the sandwich comes in either 6″ or 12″ inches. But if you are taking the combo, then that’s the 6″ one, which is definitely filling enough for a normal meal. Unless you are a heavy eater.

Not to worry, there’s a lot of other branches too!

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