Thoughts – Benefits of Antenatal Course

After attending our 4th antenatal class, I would say… I’m really glad that I joined (and grabbed the lil’ hub too), especially and probably for my first baby, and that is none other than little milkie.

The course basically gave you a brief idea on what to note, what is happening and what you can do when scenarios arised. Of course you can’t possibly expect that they cover everything, but that brief idea, is probably enough.

In our 1st antenatal class, they taught us about nutrition. The kind of food that one should eat when they pregnant, especially protein and calcium, and take lesser of those oily and non-healthy food. Of course, “moderation” is the KEY word. Any food, taken in great quantity, will probably have negative results. Then they also mentioned the amount of weight gain that one should expect to see, but that is, they gave only the average. And if you are within tha average range, I think more or less you should be fine.

Then in the 2nd antenatal class, they taught us on some of our sleeping, sitting and walking postures, that will help to prevent or reduce backaches and pains. Yes, it would really have helped a lot if I known this earlier. That would have saved me from all those pains and aches that I experienced several weeks before that. And the best about this class? All the hubs that attended must learn how to massage for their pregnant wifey! *LOL* Oh yes, lil’ hub did that for me too and it simply felt GREAT!

In our 3rd class, we learned about the different breathing methods for the respective scenarios, such as while the contractions occurred, or when you are trying to push the baby out of your womb. But seriously, I’m just wondering… at that point when the pain is excruciating, would you still remember which breathing method is for what? Hmm…

And today, they taught us on the signs of labour. Scariest of all? They showed us a video of a natural birth of a lady. Scary… trust me… I can feel her pain… I wonder what’s going to happen to me, especially when I’m thinking of not using the epidural (oh yes, they did tell us on the different kind of ways to reduce the pain)… Not that I’m trying to save money or act hero. It’s just that… I’d always been afraid of injections and to take epidural… it would mean poking an extremely thick needle into me! O.O”’ Let’s just drop that idea for now.

Overall, it’s good. I love attending it though I felt quite lazy at times. And for my lil’ hub who don’t read at all, I’m just glad that he still am willing to join me. If he don’t, I think I’ll feel damn lonely and sad…

3 more classes to go!

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