Blog #0321

10.49am – Good (LATE) morning! Came in to office and an issue caught me immediately, and thus the lateness to start writing. Seems like work (or issues) had been picking up which resulted in the delayed in blogging. Anyway, since this morning, there seems to be a lot of things happening. Firstly, my boss is on leave, the contract staff is on MC, and another colleague will be late for work. Then as I reached, the system seems to have some issues, thanks to the peeps in another branch of the company. In the end, I’ll need to have a later lunch today. Above all these, I managed to organize a bit of those outstanding blogs which I hadn’t gotten the time to pen it down. I also received a baby shower invitation from a friend which I’m definitely going. Then, a friend managed to get into the company where he wanted, which are both good news! Lastly, I’m going to NEX later for lunch! After not going there for almost 2 weeks!

To make full use of the time today, I’m going to stop here, focus and come back in later! A lot of things are going on! And I’m going to make my life a little bit more exciting! (Other than waiting for little milkie to be out)

12.04pm – I’m restarting the server now… after this, if there’s no big or new issues… then I’m going to just go for my lunch and let the other group (the one that caused this) try to settle it. *Yawn*

12.43pm – Crapped… it’s still now working!

3.17pm – Just got back from lunch, thanks to the NEX shuttle bus that NEVER came. We waited since 2.20pm. It’s supposed to come at every 15 minutes. At 2.30pm, there’s nothing. So is 2.45pm and 3pm. At last, I searched the NEX website at about 3pm and found out that the last bus should leave at 2.45pm. So that’s it! We took a cab back…

And then… the cab… =.=”’ Right after we sat in it, and told him where we going, the cab driver intended to go straight instead of turning right, which is the CORRECT and shortest way to go. What makes it worse? He actually wanted to rebuke me when I told him that he needs to turn right. Hah. I wonder what can he say, when the straight road will only lead to Kovan… Anyway, the whole short ride was back. It was bumpy due to fact that it’s an old car, and that stupid driver kept on stepping on the brake. I tried to put my seat belt but failed because it seems to be spoiled. And then… hmm… I’m wondering how often did people actually change or put the correct photo of the cab driver, for that driver doesn’t seem like the same person in the photo. (The one in the photo seems bald. The one driving seems younger)

Sigh… anyway, back in office now and there’s still the audit issue. Now I’m just thinking, will collecting those problematic projects solve anything? Maybe… I really shouldn’t have talked to the auditor that much. *Sulk* Never mind, it’s over. Can’t do anything about it anymore… now…

4.36pm – Ah! I found my MC! I thought I lost it because I couldn’t find it anywhere in the office, in my house or parents’ house. Then now, I was thinking since I having a little bit of sore throat, I should probably take a lozenges to see if it can heal and TADA! I stuffed the MC in the lozenges box! Forgetful me… damn it… but it’s alright. *LOL*

5.30pm – Yes! I can start working on my writing course now! The school replied! Thank goodness I got 2 years to complete from the date of enrolment. Mustn’t waste my money this time round. Already did that for the fashion course and my PMP. This cost a lot more! And time passes so fast today until I never realise that it’s time to go home! Let’s pack up things a little then head off for home!

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