Blog #0322

7.23am – Something seems amiss. Instead of showing my blog, the designs are all gone! And then I’ll be directed to another site to download activex.exe… Is my websites infected with virus? Well, at least that was what happen when I viewed it with my iPhone. Now I’m investigating it. Hope it’s not the case…

8.54am – Damn… the website(s) had really been compromised. Urgh. Now I need to know how to backup the data. And… let’s hope nobody download the “ActiveX.exe”… There’s nothing I can do now.

8.59am – Okay. Shall redirect all my websites to Google first. Then at least people who happened to view my website(s) won’t be infected. *Phew*…

10.08am – Finally finished backing up the contents and images. Sigh… Who is that bored to want to whack my website? It’s just blogs… Crap. Those people should spend all those time to do something more useful.

10.27am – Last backup at 29 March 2012… That’s like one month ago and I’ll need to spend time to update those posts that I’d posted. Damn those people again!

2.34pm – Okay… Received an email to say that they are restoring the files…

6.19pm – It’s completed! But I’m outside and can’t access and change the redirection.

8.35pm – Hurray! This blog had been restored and all posts till today are still intact! A BIG THANK YOU TO THE TECHNICAL SUPPORT GUYS!

9.08pm – Erm… I didn’t mean to eavesdrop. But their voices are simply a little too loud to be ignored, even though I’m in my own toilet, trying to put the paper mask. Well… I never caught hold of the whole conversation, just managed to catch some phrases here and there… like… “holding it at her parents’ place”, “more spacious”, “see, our place how can accomodate so many people?”, “at least 3 tables”, “no place to sit”, “very messy”, “need to bring baby here, then her parents need to come also”, “her relatives how?”, “don’t always care about what people will say”, “I’m not marrying into their family”… O.O”’ Erm… did I hear that right?

Well… from my guess using my little pea brain, the story should go something like this… Somehow, the lil’ hub had, out of nowhere, told his mum that the baby shower will be held at my parents’ place. AND THEN apparently my MIL was quite against it, and mentioned something like it’s not nice to hold it at my parents’ place as it felt as if the lil’ hub married into my family. So after which the lil’ hub started asking her all the logical questions… Hmm… I think that should be it. Married into my family…? *LOL* Where the hell did that idea came from?!!!

Sometimes… I really don’t know what to say¬†of my MIL… It’s not as if she really cared a lot on “traditional values” or “family ties” because if she is… WHY didn’t she go and pay respect to her passed-away husband? Hmm…

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