Movie – American Pie: Reunion

Oh! This is definitely BAD education for little milkie!! *LOL*

Well, we (my lil’ hub, sister and friend) just finished watching “American Pie: Reunion” at GV Yishun. Originally had wanted to watch “The Avengers” but I guess the hype is a little bit too much such that the tickets were grabbed up so fast for tonight, that there’s only the first 3 rows left. No, definitely not for a pregnant me. I don’t intend to tilt my neck for that 1 hour plus just to watch a movie.

I still can remember the first time I watched it, they still checked my IC =.=”’ I’m definitely 21 by then…

Anyway, it’s the familiar and hilarious “American Pie” series which started somewhere in 1999, when they were still really young and exploring about “sex”. This time round, it’s the reunion! The casts are still the same (which I’m glad) except now you can see they’ve all grown a lot older (at the end of the movie, it showed photos of them in the first 2 movies).

NOTE! This is an M18 movie (at least in Singapore), and unless you are 18 and above, you are NOT supposed to watch this movie because there’s part of the movie where it’s not censored at all! Just a little bit though.

Back to the movie. Basically, they went back for a 1999 class reunion, and then a lot of funny incidents started to happen. For the same gang, some of them already gotten married and it became really dull, especially with a kid around (sounds really normal), which made it rather impossible for them to spice things up. Some are still searching for what they want, and apparently what they have now isn’t what they want. And some, are still thinking and living in the past.

So things started to happen when they met up, especially when Stifler (starring Seann William Scott) came too. And then there’s the girl-next-door whom Jim (starring Jason Biggs) used to baby-sit, and has grown up, who has a crush on Jim. Well, the story, to be honest, ain’t really that fantastic. After all, it’s just a reunion and related to life and sex. But somehow, it’s just all that funny.

My favourite part? Somewhere at the end… and I’m not going to tell you what because that will spoil the WHOLE movie. So, if you are a fan of American Pie, just go catch the movie!

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