Blog #0349

9.29am – Just had my filled and back to the office. Let’s see… I think I should call Stemcord now and check things out before I start doing my work. Otherwise… there seems to be something pending there and I won’t be able to concentrate. It’s THURSDAY! And the last day of May, which means, […]

Blog #0348

8.52am – The closing of another quarter. The renewing of (LOTS OF) contracts. Everybody losing their mind as they struggled to have the reports done. Hmm… Early in the morning, as I reached the office, I was “dragged” into the room and interrogated by my boss on any problem encountered by the admin. Well, honestly, […]

Blog #0347

7.16am – Hmm… little milkie is especially quiet this morning… *tap tap my tummy* 7.57am – Like what I just told the lil’ hub. I think comparatively… I still prefer little milkie to do her daily stunts lest I start to worry if she’s alright or not. ESPECIALLY when she slept so early yesterday night. […]

Blog #0346

7.03am – I mean, not that I can choose it. I ain’t that sick, just feeling a bit low, with headache due to the not-so-good sleep and of course, the lack of it. But since my hips are still in pain, I decided to take it with the lil’ hub. But alas. Bad day to […]

Blog #0343

7.07am – It’s soooooooooo itchy. How? My tummy is itching like nobody’s business. I mean, it’s just MY business anyway… 8.46am – This is what happens when one aims for perfection, while another BIG lot just care about themselves. Soon, the “CYA” behaviour will appear. No idea what “CYA” meant? It stands for “Cover Your […]

Blog #0342

7.43am – My parents probably shouldn’t had gave me a Chinese name that sounds like “timid” in a certain way, because in actual fact, I AM rather timid. And great, I just got frightened by my MIL this morning as I walked pass her room. She stood motionlessly and quietly beside her door, staring out […]

Blog #0341

7.42am – I think I looked disastrous these days. *staring at myself in the mirror* 9.28am – Dragged my feet to work today. Though the lil’ hub suggesting taking mc today, I rejected because I had an urge to update my boss on yesterday’s meeting. I supposed it’s me. My mood is still bad, extremely […]

Blog #0340

12.43pm – Finished my lunch about half an hour ago, and am now sitting, a little stoned, in front of my computer. The mood’s never improved much. Yes, I’m still as moody for some reasons. I’m not sure if it’s due to the hormones but I’m still feeling relatively much more moody, for a Monday. […]