Food – Swatow Seafood @ Toa Payoh

From what I remembered, this used to be called “Xinfu Restaurant” or something like that. It’s definitely relatively old, at least, from what I can remembered. And the last time that I went there, it was probably around 7-8 years ago. But well, I guess I didn’t mind going there as long as the food still tasted nice even though the ambience wasn’t that fantastic?

Anyway, the name of the restaurant wasn’t that attractive to me. “Swatow” sounded so… village-like. Nonetheless, since the big family already decided to have our lunch there… here I am… and totally surprised, as I saw the long queue outside the restaurant… Hmm…

Apparently, my parentsĀ and the restĀ had already queued for 30 minutes before the seats were available. Only limited reservations were allowed and thus we didn’t get to book it. But from what I heard from my godmum, even if you had made the reservation, it only means that you have the priority to enter first when you reached, and DOES NOT mean that once you reach, there’s available seats. In short, you still have to wait if it’s fully occupied.

A walk into the restaurant clearly showed that it had been recently renovated. Definitely well-lighted up and the restaurant was totally packed! Dim sum were served through waitresses pushing the trolleys around, and less than 5 minutes after we all settled down, the trolleys started coming our way! Definitely a PLUS point especially when I’m freaking hungry.

Saw the picture? That’s probably the amount of food for 8, after about 2 minutes of trolleys of a different varieties of food that kept coming to our direction!

Service? Good. At least I don’t have to wait for a long time where waiters/waitresses acted busy and as if they never see us.

Food? Not too bad for some of their dim sum, especially their “Liu Sha Bao”.

Pricing? For 8 person, it costs us a total of around $160, which is like $20 per person. So I supposed it was quite affordable?

Location? Located at Toa Payoh Central, near to the library, just above the Shop ‘n’ Save supermarket. It’s definitely quite accessible as there’s the Toa Payoh MRT and bus interchange which is like 5-10 minutes walk.

Definitely one of my future choice to eat out when I’m craving for dim sum. *Strikes off Red Star Restaurant from my list*

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