Blog #0323

After 5 hours of work, and purely work and work, and sorting out some stuffs, I finally decided to take a 10 minutes break and do a bit of writing to “vent” it off.

Firstly, I’m sick. Lord knows where the virus came from. Started feeling queasy in the throat on Monday, followed by a running nose which never stopped till even now, and a throat that simply just gotten worse. Have I eaten something heaty? Maybe I did. But what triggered it? I don’t know. There’s probably just too many viruses flying around in the air.

Then, there’s still the “weirdness” that I’m feeling in my hands. Guess I forgot to mention. Both my hands went swollen and itchy yesterday after a dim sum lunch, which they all suspected is due to the prawns that I ate. Oh well, though the swell and itch had gone, somehow I couldn’t help but felt that whatever that triggered that is still lingering inside my body, ready to strike anytime.

Whatever the case is… JUST DON’T HARM AND AFFECT MY LITTLE MILKIE! Hmm… maybe I should really do a bit of constraining, and totally restrict myself from “poisonous” seafood, which is like almost everything other than FISH.

Anyway, with all the above, work can’t be any better especially when my system is┬áSTILL having problems and that nobody seems to be able to solve it. And that another audit, the external one, is coming up…

The list of TO-DOs just continue to overwhelm me and… Woohoo! What can I say… Love it and hate it.

Financial is another issue as I did a rough calculation and alas… sigh… I’m not sure where it went wrong though. Whatever it is, I’m coping and still coping. There’s no other way but to face and cope everything that comes my way – be it the stupid system, or the overloaded work, or those things that I threw myself with, or the irritating things that my MIL did, or the lack of sleep and symptoms caused by the pregnancy, and etc. etc.

Life. That is life. And 10 minutes is up. *Back to work*

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