Thoughts – Re-align With Your Life

As I tossed and turned on my bed, the thunder rumbles silently in the background. More and more things started to wake up and filled my pea brain. Somehow, I knew I simply just couldn’t get back to sleep anymore.

It’s not even 6am yet. It’s a Thursday today. And the sky is still dark.

I lied, eyes wide opened on my bed, with the lil’ hub snoring softly and sleeping peacefully beside me. While the little one was already awake, wriggling around from within. How wonderful that it… maybe this is the time to re-align my life again…

Yes, it is wonderful. And will be even more so if the running nose or the slight sore throat weren’t there. Nonetheless the feeling is still nice, as a smile secretly creeped onto my face.

It had been a relatively busy journey for the past year, with hardly much days to pause, think, rest and re-align my life with goals that I’d set for myself. And with the help of the extremely forgetful mind and the slightly easier irritated temper due to the hormonal change in my body these days, things just went haywire out of nowhere at times, disrupting my whole schedule.

Luckily, though not all the time true, the lil’ hub had been quite accomodating and caring, such as finally helping me to massage after the antenatal class that ended 3 weeks ago. Well, I’m not expecting anything so that sure is a bonus point!

Let’s see… recalling on my TO-DO list as of the end of yesterday, I’d still got at least 58 items to go. Alas, how am I supposed to clear all that off?

Life is still good though. It had been more balanced ever since I brought back my ideas of doing up “Women de Loft”. Though I’m not even half way there, and I’m already way too busy, it’s definitely an achievement as I set up one after another slowly (not much content yet). I just need more time, which I’ve been trying to set aside nowadays. It’s definitely still not enough but at the very least, it’s not stagnant and accumulating the webs at a corner of my head.

Too many things, too little time, as I’d always said. The best is still to keep a list and break it down, and track it as you move along. So am I on the right track? I bet I am! For I don’t feel unbalanced at all other than the lack of sleep.

Lots of things are brewing at the same time. I just hope I can hold it all off together…

“I’m the water, that carefully takes care of the seeds, and sees that they grow into beautiful plants. I watch them grow, give them lots of tender, loving and care. And in turn, I gained satisfaction and love, and grew from there. I’m the water, I give. I don’t need anything to support me. I am strong, when in control. And so I need to keep and hold my water molecules together. Otherwise, I’ll be like the mist that’s lost and dispersed. I’m the water. I keep the plants healthy and alive.”

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