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4.07am – If you are wondering what I’m doing so early in the morning? Well… I’m awake after sleeping at the sofa for the past 5 hours in the friend’s house. Yes, the lil’ hub is playing wrestling, again. And this time round, because I AM sick, he’s the one that don’t allow me to go home and sleep. I seriously wonder where’s the logic. But nonetheless, as the normal “anything person” unless I’m in pissed-off mood, I just went ahead with his suggestion. So here I am still, now awake, and waiting for him to finish his game after he kept saying “one more game ok?”, one after another…

The nose is still stuck and my mum had missed out passing me the medication for the inflammation. My feet are extremely swollen for some reasons. Now I’m thinking if I should just drop by my parents’ house tomorrow since my sister had offered to come and pick me up in the morning. I doubt the lil’ hub will be able to wake up and accompany me at all. And with me being sick (and probably more grumpy), the idea of being at my parents’ house definitely sounded more attractive than staying at home, especially if my MIL is around. Well, let’s see how things goes…

5.14am – Finally I’m lying on my bed… But am I able to sleep? O.O”’

9.13am – Am already awake for the past 30 minutes. Still I’m glad that I slept for a few more hours. And then I’ve been looking at my blog site for the past 30 minutes… something just seems wrong… and there’s a need for me to change something. But what?

9.58am – Hurray! Sneaked out and found out that MIL is not around! Shall start doing my routine chores though I’m not really feeling all that well. It’s definitely a good chance to do it a bit more thoroughly.

11.09am – Finally done and sipping my half cup of milo with biscuit. Well… what can I say… as the Chinese saying goes… “There’s always another mountain that’s higher than this one (whatever that you are looking at)”. I thought I’m lazy and messy but there’s the lil’ hub who is worse than me. And then as time goes by, you will realised that his mum is somewhat the same as him too…

I cleaned the stove again today but this time round, a bit more thoroughly. Conclusion? I’m giving up. From now on, I’ll just clean whatever I can for the stove. Some of the stains are simply just too difficult to remove. And the electric kettle… I think I’ll need to start washing it. Why? Because just now when I was about to boil some water, I was a little shock as I stared into it. Around the edge at the base, there seems to be some kind of greenish algae =.=”’ Gosh… I wonder what have I been drinking… And taking out the coaster from the drawer, another surprise… It’s… STICKY!

A friend that visited my house recently even asked me why hung all those bits and things (hair clips, rubber bands etc.) around in the common toilet… Sigh… I can only say, “I gave up on that area and closed both my eyes for it already, and that goes the same for one of the rooms in my house.”

Never mind. I’m not going to spoil my weekend like that.

To a more lively topic… LITTLE MILKIE! She’s been wriggling around ever since I sat down to type my thoughts out, and it’s literally NON-STOP. I wonder what’s with all the hype… Or it’s just probably she slept really soundly yesterday night after a light dose of flu medicine, and thus am now fully awake. I wonder if I should take another pill later on in the day… It’s rather scary when you hardly felt her moving…

Sigh… whatever. I’m going to buy my roti prata.

11.46am – Stupid China guy! So many place to walk but yet want to cross in front of me, when he’s carrying such a big bucket! I only made a soft noise and he kept on staring back! Why is my country infiltrate by such people with NO manners at all!

12.08pm – Sigh… appreciate you buying breakfast for us. But I would have appreciated MORE if you would have KINDLY just let us know that you are buying and coming back early… I felt like I just wasted my energy buying for the lil’ hub when he ended up eating the vegetarian bee hoon that his mum bought instead of the prata that I gotten for him.

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