Blog #0326

The weekend has ended once again as I sat on my bed, blowing my hair and tidying up some left over loose ends of my blog site.

This weekend had been busy, ending with a cousin’s wedding lunch this afternoon. And for the rest of whatever that’s left for the day, it had all been dedicated to STONING.

But nonetheless, I’d finished up fixing whatever that I can thought of for this blog site. Now, somehow, it just looks neater to me. Maybe there’s still some other fixes to be done, but for now, it’s enough. I’ll just need to buck up and clear up my backlogs on the articles. Moral of the story? Never procrastinate on writing articles, especially when it’s still fresh in the brain.

Tomorrow is a Monday and I wonder how is it going to be. Especially when I haven’t fully recovered (excluding the aching body and extremely swollen legs which resembles those of a pig), and the contract staff’s father seemed to be hospitalised again. Furthermore, the system’s problem hadn’t been fixed. Problems, problems and more problems…


TOMORROW I SHALL FOCUS AND CLEAR THE THINGS! One at a time… one at a time…

For now… I shall go extend the due date of my library books. Sigh… I’m so freaking PACKED such that I didn’t even have the time to just flip through the books! And I’ve still got the Newsweek that I’d ordered a month ago! Sigh… I need MORE time…

And now, it’s time for story-reading and lullaby-singing for little milkie… *looking at lil’ hub who is happily watching his anime* Am I the one giving problems (or work)┬áto myself?

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