It’s not me. I never really intended to cry just because of that small little issue. But I just couldn’t help it. The tears simply flowed out by itself after some sad thoughts. I never wished to argue…

The above scenario happened not just once, but a few times throughout my whole pregnancy till now, and is still happening. I blamed it on the hormonal changes in my body, as well as the lack of sleep and rest, and lastly, a husband that wasn’t sensitive enough. I know I’m not alone, but so what?

Accept it. It’s tough. I mean, being pregnant. I’m really glad that I’d passed the stage of getting myself pregnant, but it seems like that was the easiest step of all. Now, there just seems to be an endless list of things to think and worry. Really. It’s not just about the physical part where you need to carry a big “ball” everywhere you go. With that big tummy, you can’t sleep properly, you can’t walk properly, you felt breathless, you can’t even reach your toes and cut the nails, you can’t dress yourself easily and the list just goes on…

What’s more? You worried almost everyday if the baby is fine, gets worse if the baby didn’t kick or move that much. Or that you’d accidentally fell down and what not.

And worse of all, those times where you can’t control due to all the hormones changing… from puking, to crying, to throwing tantrums, to needing more love and attention than usual, to craving for food.

That is, a lot to bear.

You are not to be blame. You shouldn’t be. And those people around you should show that little bit more concern than usual, especially the one who impregnated you. But shall that not be available, please, find someone who will always be there and will listen to you.

Prenatal depression is not something that should be neglected. If not taken care, it will continue till after birth (post-natal depression) which will probably be even more stressful than this.

For your baby, press on…

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