Thoughts – Overly-Burdened Life

Sitting in the study room at this hour of the day, and enjoying the doughnuts which my lil’ hub had bought for me, is considered an enjoyment. At the very least, I’m not thinking about work or other things. Well, I stopped myself from thinking. I had to do it. My brain felt dead at this point.

Right in front of me, is a guy, whose brain cells are probably dead too.

We (lil’ hub and I), are both a little over-burdened with our workload, and for me, a little on the personal stuffs too. I could have lightened my burden a little on the latter, but that would means an unbalance lifestye, which again, wouldn’t be that healthy.

This and the following week had been again, packed with events, ranging from baby shower to meet-ups, to wedding, and of course lots of work! While waiting for a friend for dinner just now, I’d updated the list of things that I need to do and almost fainted at the sight of it. How the hell did the list amount to that many?

I had already tried to clear it as much as possible but yet it just kept on coming. A 2-hour meeting just now had already added 8 items to the list. Sigh… I haven’t even gear up the new guy… just one more month, tell me, how am I supposed to go on maternity leave with all these accumulating and the backlogs still outstanding?

It’s no good. Really. To have a life that’s over-burdened with things. Life will be affected (no life basically). Appetite probably too (lil’ hub’s having a headache and feeling nauseous now). Temper will become bad (yes, extremely short). And these are just a few of the more prominent ones.


In order to adjust our life back, sit back and relax a bit… the BOTH of us had decided to apply for leave this coming Thursday! We need a break. We deserves it.

For now, it’s story-telling time for little milkie… she’s starting to kick me already. Hmm… I think we’ll be even more busy after little milkie’s out…

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