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10.15am – After a few weeks of having a relatively manageable number of TO-DO’s, it’s back to ONE WHOLE PAGE of an A4 paper! 71 items, with a lot of personal things-to-do not written inside to prevent myself from feeling overwhelmed, which I think, I’m already feeling it. And that stupid sore throat of mine definitely doesn’t help.

Breathe. Just breathe. One at a time… one at a time… and why do I seem to keep telling myself that recently…

11.04am – The weight of the little one suddenly seems to have doubled and pulled me down towards the ground as I made my way to the restroom. Is that one of the pre-signs of labour? No, I doubt so. It’s just little milkie shifting herself inside my womb.

I’m at week 32. That’s 8 weeks away from the full term. If what a lot of people said is true, little milkie would probably be out in another 6 weeks! That’s freaking fast! I haven’t even packed my maternity bag yet!

I seriously wonder if I’ll miss those moment where she’s kicking, punching, hiccuping and wriggling inside me.

2.33pm – Got back from lunch at AMK hub. So sad that there’s no more unagi rice burger at MOS Burger anymore. Sigh…

Anyway, I managed to grab the tickets for Avenger’s tomorrow night at AMK hub. Then I also finally bought the red wine for my cousin’s belated birthday present. Now I’m just thinking how should I bring it back….

Managed to get some information on the job vacancy for my MIL. But after a short chat with my lil’ hub, I doubt my MIL will want to start work again. Firstly, she don’t seem like the hardworking kind, especially now that she’s living on the income that she’s receiving from renting her house out. Secondly, I think she treasured her face more than anything else. Quoting: “IT’S NOT AS IF I’M SHORT OF MONEY”. Sigh… whatever. I’m not going to care if she’s working or not, going senile or not, healthy or not. I gave up.

To brighten up my gloomy day a little, well, I bought TWO goreng pisang, despite my still painful sore throat with lots of phlegm, and my almost always blocked nose. *LOL* Whatever…

3.00pm – It’s really very distracting when the baby is wriggling non-stop within you, WHILE you are trying hard to concentrate. =.=”’

4.20pm – Yeah! Boss’s GONE! WOOHOO! But I still got lots of work to do. So what’s the difference? DUH!

5.38pm – Should I leave now? When I’m meeting a friend at 7pm, at Compass Point? Hmm… if it’s too early, I’ll also be bored… Never mind. Shall stay in the office a little while more. ^^

8.39pm – After half an hour of walking, I’d decided not to go back to my parents’ house BUT I have yet to decide whether to stay and wait for lil’ hub to fetch me or go back home on my own.

A few things to consider. What am I going to do if I stay here and wait? Can my legs still bring me back especially when it’s so painful and achy now? What time will the lil’ hub finish and come and fetch me? Am I tired? Is my MIL asleep yet? How long can my back support me?

Hmm… I’m currently sitting down on a bench with little milkie wriggling around again. The lil’ hub hadn’t picked up my call nor call me back yet. Sigh… I wonder, in case of emergency where I need to give birth soon, can I really rely on him? Sigh… I doubted it. Not sure what his phone is used for…

9.21pm – AH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why did my MIL use my cup?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

11.22pm – *sob* Where are you when I needed you? I shouldn’t have come back home…

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