Thoughts – Infuriated

Why? Why do you want to test my limits again, and again, and YET again? Why? Isn’t that enough already? Hadn’t you gave me enough surprises for the past months? WHY kept on giving me MORE? When are you going to STOP givng me NEW surprises?!

I HAVE, from my point of view, tolerated and controlled AS MUCH AS I COULD especially now that at times when I SIMPLY CAN’T CONTROL MUCH OF MY EMOTIONS. But WHY ARE YOU F**KING HELL GIVING ME SUCH A DIFFICULT TIME!!!!!!!

*Takes a deep breath*

3 months. JUST ONLY 3 months of staying together, and you’ve brought so many problems. I’m not expecting much from you.

Firstly, just stay out of my privacy circle. Everyone has a personal private circle you know? And mine doesn’t allow just anyone in like that, ESPECIALLY when I’m trying to concentrate and doing things that I LOVE, so… PLEASE F**KING HELL STOP STARING OR PEAKING AT ME!

*Takes another deep breath*

Secondly, DON’T touch my things… Good… you hardly… Great… But… WHY THE HELL DID YOU FREAKING USE MY CUP TODAY!!!!! I’M QUITE SURE THE DRINK IS NOT FOR ME BECAUSE IT’S HALF-FULL AND THERE’S A “LIP” SHAPE AT THE EDGE OF THE CUP!!! EEEEEEEEUUUUKK! GROSS!! There’s freaking lots of cups in the cupboard, do you know that? And I’m quite SURE you know that because… YOU HAVE ANOTHER CUP UP THERE TOO! F***!

*Takes another looooooooooong deep breath*

Thirdly, and probably a lot more… please clean and wipe the stove after you cook. It’s always SO freaking dirty and oily. And wash the sink a little please… there’s even noodle on the sponge today… Close the lid of the flask after you pour the water out, it’s freaking dusty when there’s still lots of renovation and construction going around. I already don’t care about the noodle that you left openly on the kitchen top to air. And for goodness sake… wash the thermo flask. Do you know I almost freaked out when I saw those greenish stuff at the bottom of the flask that day?! I seriously wonder what have I been drinking… and STOP EATING ALL YOUR LEFT OVER FOOD though I already 99% don’t really care if that’s going to harm you or not because you are freaking KI-KI and don’t listen to anyone’s advice at all!! PUT the kitchen towel PROPERLY as well as the kitchen mat. Push in the dining chair after you finish sitting there. It’s ONLY ONE freaking chair. OPEN the door if you are at home, why the bloody hell do you want to suffocate yourself? And you are causing the fengshui of this house to STOP circulating! The corners of the house NEEDS to be cleaned and wiped too. AND please close the doors of my vanity top in the MBR toilet CORRECTLY. For goodness sake, put the toilet roll in the correct direction. And stop buying EVERYTHING in BULK! DON’T EVER LET ME CATCH YOU HANGING THE UNDERWEAR IN THE LIVING ROOM’S WINDOW EVER AGAIN! AND CAN YOU IMPROVE YOUR COLOUR SENSE BECAUSE I HANG THE LIL’ HUB’S CLOTHES ACCORDING TO COLOURS!!!!!!!!!!

*inner peace…*

Let’s hope the air-con + the fan + a facial mask + a bottle of water + venting it out on my blog can cool me down. And I hope my keyboard won’t break because it’s the FIRST TIME I’m ALMOST venting it out on nettie!

But you know what? Next time when little milkie is out, she’ll probably have a not-so-good temper because (1) she resembles her dad and (2) she’ll say… “It’s because ever since my mummy is 4 months pregnant with me, she seems to be getting so pissed off every now and then. And I can feel her anger when I’m inside.”

Why? Why do you have to participate SO MUCH in my life when I’m carrying my little milkie…?

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