Blog #0330

I’m again, surprised by the words he said, as I diligently scrubbed off some dirt from part of the stove, until the colour came off. I was distracted…

“Sometimes I really am quite pissed with her. She’s so lazy. Got so much time, not working already but yet not doing much things. Then still dare to complain and say that I really treat her like maid. Don’t make me angry then I ask her to move back if she’s not happy.”

I kept quiet. What do you want me to say?

I only know my stove’s always dirty when I get home and today seems worse (dried soya sauce on the stove). And I’m just going to do all the things quietly already.

Treat her like maid? Hmm… Just because she’s doing that bit of additional chores? And that additional chores are just because of the increase in frequency compared to those that she did back at her own house?

Sigh… I do agree with what the lil’ hub said. But so? Let’s just say… You can’t possibly change much of a person’s character or habit, some more for someone that’s been living like that for the past 60+ years.

But can’t you just admit it? That you don’t like to do household chores, neither is working and actually just love to rot. And I seriously wonder what gives the lil’ hub the idea that she will willingly help to do the chores when she moved in? It’s just the start.

Life… Still goes on… And! If I want to make my jelly tomorrow, I had better tucked in now! Going to start early while I still have the whole kitchen to MYSELF in peace!

Goodnight to all!

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