Thoughts – Hard to be a Woman

I saw a picture posted on my friend’s facebook this morning. It reads like this:

“IT IS HARD TO BE A WOMAN. You must think like a man, Act like a lady, Look like a young girl, And work like a horse.”

It is NOT easy, right? (To all the women out there)

I had a relatively bad argument with the lil’ hub yesterday night, on our way back home. Its nothing serious. Started after I told him that in future, he could buy the season parking at my mum’s place, which is cheaper, at about $35 (heard it from our friend that they bought it at her mum’s place). And then he went crazy after that, saying (in an extremely pissed of tone) that I’m selfish, only think for myself and not for him, and never tell him until now. Otherwise, he could have saved on the season parking that he bought at his mum’s old place (near to his working place).

I was shock. And pissed. I was being blamed (AGAIN!!!!!!) for something which never cross my mind. All that I could think of, was the fact that it’s possible to buy at in-law’s house (lil’ hub’s car at my parents’ place) at a cheaper rate, and not for the mother. And now that when I mentioned it (still only referring to buying it at my parents’ place), and the lil’ hub linked it up, he blamed me. And I sweared that I mentioned this to him before that because we WERE discussing on the alternatives of him travelling to work for a period of time (few months back). But then again, all were deemed to be not existing as he had totally forgotten CLEANED about it. So that’s it, the blame was ON ME, and I hated to be accused.

Now, sitting in the office, and trying to come into peace in the morning with the lil’ hub, somehow, I still don’t feel that balanced. As much as I tried to occupy myself with the work, I still felt very tired. Tired by the things that’s happening around me.

And then I saw the post on that friend’s facebook. Yes, I thought to myself. It’s HARD. Really HARD.

“You must think like a man” – I seriously wonder what does the lil’ hub expect of me at times. Especially at a time like this where “Pregnancy Amnesia” is pretty common. I, already felt quite pissed with myself at times for being so forgetful, and am trying hard to do my things by keeping a list of things to do, and update it as much as possible. The brain is moving at an extremely slow pace and I’m already trying to cope with it. But the brainless lil’ hub still seems to expect so much of me. He seems to want me to think and help him to do anything and everything. What can I say? I’m sorry, I can’t. I’m not a superwoman. And if you STILL want to blame me for that, go ahead. I’m SICK and TIRED of it. Go on and blame me, I’m not going to do anything more.

“Act like a lady” – Shouting at him while arguing seems like a crime. But yet, did he realise the kind of tone and volume that he used when he started everything off? Do I even have to act like a lady when I’m pissed?

“Look like a young girl” – I’m only glad that I’m born with a baby face, and that I still look younger than him most of the time. But hey, guys, please look at yourself in the mirror! Your wife ain’t probably the ONLY one that has grown older and/or fatter. I’d been called “Fatty Pig” by the idiotic lil’ hub recently. Let’s all just pray that he will get fat too. Damn it.

“And work like a horse” – This, I only realised it this morning… I SHALL, and WILL NOT let the lil’ hub earn more than me, or have an education level better than mine. WHY? Because he’s got a puny brain that is ONLY capable of supporting his boosted ego, to let him feel like a man. And he will use that to “press” me down. I’d received that for a short period of time during the renovation period where I’m short of money (sometimes even now). I will NOT let that happen. He’s those idiots (some women does that too) who thinks that money is the power.

And because of these brainless idiotic stupid men that exist on Earth, it is hard to be a woman.

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