Food – Nakhon Kitchen @ Hougang Street 21

Jesus! I felt so pampered! Though we queued for at least 30 minutes for the food, now I totally understand why the queue is so freaking long! Why? Because other than the tasty food that they served, their service is damn good! Or at least, it’s really nice of them to find us a seat where we can put the pram safely, and at the same time doesn’t block the passage way. And then, a seat with backrest for me – the preggie lady! So sweet of them right?

Anyway, I’m at Nakhon Kitchen, at the Hougang branch. There’s 2 from my knowledge, and the other one is at Bedok. For the Hougang one, it’s located at Blk 136, Hougang Street 21.

By the time we reached here just now, at about 10 minutes past 7pm, there were already about 9 groups of people queueing in front of us and the restaurant was packed. And when there’s still 8 groups in front, the staff already start taking our order of the food. Why? Because back in the kitchen, they’ll start preparing the food so that when you sit down, you won’t have to wait for too long and the food will arrive, which is apparently what happened exactly.

This is a Thai restaurant and the size of the restaurant isn’t very big. There’s no air-condition nor baby chairs too. But other than that, the price is reasonable. It’s quite accessible as it’s about 10 minutes walk from the Kovan MRT Station.

As for the food, it’s definitely tasty, especially their TOM YUM CLEAR soup! And again, another cheers to their service!

Try it! If you are craving for Thai food. I’m not, but I’ll be “confined” soon. So better to eat whatever I probably can’t eat for quite a while.

Hmm… I wonder if it’s that packed during lunch time…

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