Thoughts – Endure, Breastfeed

The lil’ hub and I just finished attended our 5th antenatal class – the breastfeeding (one of the class so far which I find the most interesting).

Of course, before the class, one normally should have already heard of all the benefits that the baby and the mother will receive if breastfeeding was done. Me, I’d heard of it too, and I’d probably heard of a lot of other things too.

It’s… not easy…

Firstly, just to let everyone know. ALL mothers SHOULD have milk supply. Apparently it’s just a matter of – is the milk supply a lot, or very little. And according to the speaker, if the milk supply is little, one just have to feed the baby more frequently, instead of the usual feeding of after every 2-3 hours.

And then there’s the lack of sleep part. Imagine… average of one feeding every 2-3 hours? That would just mean you’ll sleep for 2-3 hours, wake up, sleep again, and wake up, and so on… How… not to feel tired? No wonder so many mothers complained about the lack of sleep during the first few months.

What’s more? It’s going to be painful. Well, I supposed that’s logical right? Imagine some liquid got SUCKED out, and can only be SUCKED out when there’s a “vacuum” area.

These are only the main 3 things to take note (from my point of view). There’s others such as, one should feel relax in order to produce milk. If stress, the brain will “tell” the breast to stop producing. And you know, the CORRECT method must be use!

Sigh… so many things to remember amidst the simple idea of just breastfeeding the baby… No wonder there’s a friend who probably couldn’t produce any milk because her hub and MIL kept pressing on her and giving her the stress (making her felt like she’s the mother cow). And the other gave up because it’s too painful and tiring.

I hope, to give the best for my baby, so… let’s try and ENDURE together!

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