Blog #0333

8.34am – It’s early in the morning and I’m already in the office, having my breakfast (of milo and biscuits) and finished reading the Yahoo news. Thanks to my sis for sending me to work today!

Just read the sad accident news on the Ferrari case where a Ferrari beat the red light, causing a disastrous accident that caused the death of the Ferrari driver (a Chinese businessman) himself, and the passenger (a Japanese tourist) of the cab driver (old uncle in his 50’s). And yesterday, the cab driver was pronounced brain dead too. There’s still 2 other injured parties – the passenger of the Ferrari and the motorcyclist, which was hit by the cab, who was trying to prevent himself from hitting the Ferrari. Who’s fault? The Ferrari driver, obviously. Just because of ONE reckless and irresponsible driver, he caused the death of himself and the other two.

Anyway, today’s a Monday and my contract staff is taking another half day leave because his dad had been admitted to hospital again. Sigh…

Oh well, oh well. It’s a MONDAY! Morning!

11.04am – Hmm… the brain’s moving really slowly… and I’m hungry already… This week, the auditors are coming. I bet I’ll be quite busy soon. 3 more weeks till end of May and I’ll need to finish up quite a bit of things. Tonight, I’ll need to pack my room in my parents’ house too. It’s getting too messy after being packed by the baby’s stuffs, as well as those things for the baby shower. And yes, the baby shower. I better start doing it up, quick!

1.51pm – The weather is crazy. It’s so freaking HOT! So nice to be back in the air-conditioned office.

2.28pm – Oh goodie! We got the DIABLO 3 CD! Woohoo! Hmm… but as if I’m going to be hardcore about it… Life is sooooooo different already. I can’t sit too long in a chair and I can’t sleep too late (because I’m always feeling so sleepy), so there goes the idea of playing the game till late hours. *LOL*

3.12pm – Yeah! The CDs are in MY hands! But… I’ve got a lot of other things to do today.

3.29pm – Heeheehee… my BEBE MESSAGED!! ^^

4.10pm – Waited for a meeting that was cancelled in the end. Now… I wonder IF the other meeting will also be cancelled. Hated to wait for a meeting like that. Made me feel so “stuck”.

5.48pm – Yeah! The lil’ hub is coming to pick me up!

6.52pm – Alamak. Cannot install the game yet. Still need to wait for about 4-5 hours. Hmm… I think I’ll be asleep by then. Let it be if that’s the case… I’m going to accompany my lil’ hub for now first! He looks so smart in army uniform! *LOL – crazy bitch who likes guys in army uniform*

7.46pm – Bye bye bebe… *pout*

9.07pm – Let’s get cracking on the preparation for little milkie’s baby shower! I seriously wonder what happen if little milkie turns out to be little milo? *LOL* That would be really funny!

11.38pm – It feels so weird… Little milkie seems to know that she’s not in her own house. And for these past 2 nights, she never wriggled as much when I’m trying to sleep at night, even if I shifted around a bit. Foreign to the bed? Or somehow there’s more warmth over at the grandparents’ place and thus she’s sleeping more soundly?

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