Blog #0334

6.04am – OUCH! That kick was a bit too fierce! Is it time to wake up? *Looks at clock* Damn…

6.42am – Let’s just give up on sleeping and wake up…

8.53am – It’s still so early but I’m already dozing off… I’m not really used to sleeping in my old bed after about 6 months of sleeping on a damn nice and soft comfortable bed and pillow, and with the lil’ hub beside me. Ah… it’s only Day 2… and I wonder how’s my stove now… *LOL*

9.46am – With a sleepy brain, and a face that looks like that of a panda, it’s OBVIOUSLY that I’d got NO mood to work! And being damn bloody careless and clumsy… *sulk* Dropping things, doing things wrongly. Sigh…

1.31pm – Half the day gone!

3.21pm – Company internet got hacked or infected! Log out! Change password!!

4.59pm – I just came out from a meeting with a project manager on the discussion of the workflow of our IT SDLC. Seriously, it’s going to be really difficult, especially when each PM has their own ideas and mindset, till I wonder when then I can start changing it.

Anyway, he sure was one pissed off PM. Can’t really blame him for that when he’s seen so much after so many years. I’m only here in this company for less than a year, and I’m pissed with you-don’t-know-but-I-know which PM. What to do… different culture, that’s all I can say. So fast, and it’s 5.01pm already. Doubt the lil’ hub can come and fetch me today. Shall have to drag my heavy legs and big big cute tummy back home!

5.24pm – I’m not doing anything anymore. Going to leave on the dot. Felt so tired after not getting enough sleep, and difficulty in walking, and killing my brain cells for 8 hours. I guess, I’m getting a bit tired of my job. I mean, I like it but I’m just getting tired of it. Or probably it’s just due to the current state that I’m in, and thus the feeling. Most likely, I’m going to take a cab back later, which is like, in another 2 minutes and I’m going to do a shut down of my computer.

The contract staff had already left. Apparently his dad is really in an extremely bad condition, with the heart working at only 7%. Hmm… but what can we do? Life… so fragile…

Let’s start packing…

5.45pm – Hmm… First time I heard a cab driver telling me this, “Lucky it’s near, otherwise I also scare because you are pregnant.” It’s so funny… apparently he’s worried that something might happen to me during the journey.

7.09pm – My left foot is sooooooo swollen, I can hardly feel it… Yes, that’s how bad it is now. And elevating it doesn’t seem to reduce the swollenness by much.

8.29pm – Yeah! It’s time for D3! Diablo… but, let me just go and bathe first.

10.12pm – Stopping my D3. Can’t sit on a chair for too long without moving or else my legs will start to cramp. Can’t use the mouse for too long or else my arms later get numb again. Oh well, let’s just continue with the preparation of the pinks!

11.13pm – Shutting down the computer. Said goodnight to my lil’ hub. Going to brush my teeth, and then reading the breastfeeding book to little milkie instead of the normal fairytales story. Not deliberately. I just never bring those books over here… *LOL* Let’s hope I can sleep better tonight. Goodnight peeps!

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