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7.14am – My stomach is covered with rashes… Heat rash is attacking me! I’m only glad that my mum proposed to switch on the air-con last night which did help a little. But still, it’s damn itchy now! And my ass is still aching… The swelling at the legs and feet had gone down a bit though. Don’t think it will last long since I’ll have to walk for quite a bit to the office from the bus stop.

It’s OKAY! Last trimester, less than 2 months, ENDURE! And look forward to something that will requires more endurance and patience! *LOL*

7.54am – It’s been almost half a year since I last took a bus to work. There proves to be some difficulty, of course. Due to the swelling of the legs, just a short distance from my parents’ house to the bus stop, and I can feel my legs swelling up (again) and me feeling breathless, even though I walk like a tortoise. And then I had to ensure that the bus ain’t extremely packed before I board it. Of course, I don’t have the luxury of taking just any bus and changing it at the main road anymore. A mere 6 months, not too long nor short, and  yet so many things had changed. I’m glad, it’s for the better though. *All smiles*

8.26am – Little milkie! We made it!

8.56am – I’m not getting out of my seat for the next 1 hour. Unless I’m going for toilet breaks. Need to rest my feet. And… is my right hand a bit swollen and numb…? Could it be because of the Diablo 3? But… it’s just ONLY about an hour… O.O

10.44am – Just got back into my seat. Grabbed by this PM, then by the boss, then an engineer, and another PM =.=”’ I’m SO popular today!

12.07pm – Episode during lunch…

(little milkie) Ah!! It’s so cramp in here! I can hardly move! *kick & kick*
(me) Yes, I know… wait a while more okay? Mummy’s having her lunch now…
(little milkie) CRAMPY! CRAMPY! CRAMPY!!! *wriggle & wriggle*
(me) =.=”’ I know, I know, I’m finishing soon. Mummy has to sit down and eat, right?
(little milkie) *ignores & continues to wriggle some more*
(me) *ignores & continues to eat*

12.41pm – I just managed to capture almost 1 minute of non-stop slight wriggling of little milkie O.O”’ And she’s STILL wriggling…

2.01pm – Damn it! Did someone stopped the time while I wasn’t watching! WHY is it only 2pm?!! I thought it should be at least 3pm!

4.21pm – Headaches & reflux coming…

4.46pm – Yippee! I’m going back home today! I can hug my lil’ hubby to sleep! *LOL* And I don’t need to take public transport back!

6.09pm – Oh damn. Reached home not for long, and lil’ hub and his mum were like shouting at each other because of their tenants. Oh yes, the 4 Chinese tenants that had been giving them problems after renting it out for only about 2-3 months. What can I say? “See, I told you so” (I warned the lil’ hub about renting it out to Chinese students before that but apparently it fell on deaf ears).

Well, so what’s the problem this time? Somehow… the MIL went back to her old house yesterday (or a few days ago) and the neighbours, upon seeing her, told her that the tenants had been making a lot of noise, and that there were A LOT of people in the house every weekend. And complaints were even made to the HDB but still, things never change. So the lil’ hub told the mum to give the housing agent’s contact number to the neighbours, and in the case where it happened again, to call the agent immediately so that she can come down. But then, firstly, the mum never give the contact number (which she just remained quiet when confronted for the reason), and then secondly, she told the HDB guy to send the summarized letter for the complaints to their old address, where the tenants have access to the mailbox (which she said she dare not anyhow give our address to the HDB guy, for the fear that the lil’ hub will get angry). So these 2 reasons drove the lil’ hub nuts… and… TADA! The mum just replied with, “So you are trying to say that I’m stupid right?”

As a bystander, I find the sentence she said both amusing but in a way, true. But yet, she can’t really be penalised for the second point because she might not have thought of it, and yes, her address is still the old one and that she might be fearing of some complications. It’s the reason that she gave, to me, a little funny and invalid because after that the lil’ hub simply just replied, “You scared of me is it? Then how come you do this and that, and I don’t see you scare of me.”

Erm… *cough* Basically, to save myself and little milkie from this “torturous” conversation, I shoo-ed the lil’ hub away and get him to take his dinner, and asked the MIL to ignore him. That’s the welcome gift I received after being away for 3 days…

8.15pm – It’s so funny! “I” jerked like some cartoon character in Diablo 3!! Stupid laggy computer…

10.58pm – It really is very nice… to have the lil’ hub sleeping beside me… and little milkie too… The 3 of us (for now)…

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