Thoughts – In Other People’s Land

Do you know, there’s a term called “RESPECT”? And that respect must be EARNED? And that accepting a person (or a group of people), needs to be earned TOO?

I just read an article related to the tragic accident that occurred last weekend at Bugis on the Ferrari cum cab. And from all perspectives, without any biases at all, its rather obvious that the one at fault is the Ferrari driver, who beat the red light at an extremely fast speed, thus hitting and sending the cab “flying” off. Firstly, beating the red light, is already wrong. What’s more? I’m just wondering if he’s DRUNK. I wonder why nobody mentioned anything about it, especially when he’s with a famous hostess from a bar at 4am in the morning.

But that’s not the point.

So what did that article write that made me suddenly just threw all my work aside and started blogging. It’s just because of ONE PRC. Yes, PRC. I’m not usually a racist nor bias person. And as much as possible, I tried not to. And I would also like to follow the government’s “voice” to accept them. BUT (it’s a BIG BUT), with all those things that’s happening around you, and the behaviours that they are putting across, how do you expect us (to define clearly, PURE Singaporeans) to accept them just like that?!

What did that PRC write? Summarized it up, he basically mentioned that it’s not totally the Ferrari driver’s fault (a Chinese businessman). The cab driver is at fault too for accelerating at a junction. For goodness sake, did he see that video? I think the lights just turned green, and the cars are just accelerating at quite a slow pace, STILL. It’s not as if the cab driver stepped on the gas as he APPROACHED the junction. And did he see how FAST that Ferrari was? Apparently he didn’t seem to get his facts right before posting it in that forum, just so to defend his own country man.

Well, good for his spirit that he’s defending the guy who’s at fault. But he probably should just stay at his own country instead of voicing it out at other people’s country, or otherwise stay quiet when there’s so many unhappy uproars about this incident. Seriously, to me, he’s just brainless for voicing it out as it would make it even more difficult for people to accept them (as a whole)!

Conclusion? If you are in a foreign country, no matter how much you don’t like them, at the very least, respect the people and keep quiet. Why? For one very OBVIOUS reason, you ARE on their land, and that’s just a common sense, unless you are telling me that you don’t have any.

Personally, I’d encountered both the good and the bad from that country. And I DO welcome those that brightened and introduced their culture into my country. But for those who just made my country a filthy one (recalling on the idiot that kept staring at me as if he wants to beat me [yes, a pregnant lady] up), I seriously hope those stupid idiots up there can send these idiotic idiots back into their own country. I would rather have a slow growing economy than a filthy country.

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