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7.35am – Crap… is it time to wake up? Yes! Because we are going to see our little milkie (on screen) again! *Trying hard to wake the lil’ hub up*

9.07am – Just reached. Hmm… Guess will have to wait again… *Looking at the number of patients in the clinic*

9.23am – 56.5kg. Oh, let’s see… Previously, it was 55.3kg… so after 4 weeks, there’s an increment of 1.2kg ONLY! GOOD JOB MUMMY! For maintaining the weight! Hmm… but it’s weird… I thought I ate a lot more for the past month, compared to all the previous? Hmm… never mind.

10.19am – Yeah! We got to see our little milkie again! And according to Dr Ching, little milkie’s head had already gone down (a good thing). Now we just have to hope that she won’t turn it back again. And then after that, she showed us where’s her spine and legs, and her face! He managed to grab a picture of her face from the side on the ultrasound! Okay, it might not be very clear but her nose seems to be quite pointed. Nonetheless, the main thing is still – to know that she’s healthy. And yes, she is, very healthy and active. And Dr Ching said, only sick baby won’t move. The more she moved, the better actually, especially if it’s regular. So there goes one BIG worry.

We cleared some of our doubts also, such as the cordblood banking, as well as the skin-to-skin right after delivery. Hmm… guess we’ll just keep an open mind on that. Meanwhile, it’s the last lap! So I’m (or we) just going to hang in there for another 1 month or so, and be prepared (mentally, physically, emotionally and financially).

And so… I’m at Week 33 now. 4 more weeks and it’s possible for me to deliver ANYTIME. Little’s milkie’s at 2kg (which Dr Ching said it’s good because I’m rather small sized, so I should not have too big a baby or else it’ll be quite difficult to deliver). And since the last appointment, she had grown from 1.3kg to 2kg! Which means, the 1.2kg that I gained – 0.7kg goes to her, and only 0.5kg goes to the mum! Woohoo! GOOD JOB LITTLE MILKIE!

4.02pm – Back to Mount Alvernia for our last antenatal course. Today’s topic is on taking care of the baby… *Yawn*

4.44pm – *LOL* The lil’ hub got “tekan” by the speaker. I guessed she must had noticed lil’ hub dozing in the class, and thus deliberately mentioned it out that he shouldn’t put the fake baby on the floor. *LOL* This is sooooooooooooo funny…

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