Thoughts – A Month before the “Break”

A WELL-DESERVED break? Well, I wouldn’t exactly call it a BREAK, a “break” probably yes, since from the so many things that I’d heard, somehow, you’re just going to be even more tired. But to me, at least I’m not looking at the work in my WORK. I’m ONLY (and I think it’s more than enough) looking at the work back at HOME.

Today is the 18th of May, and 2 good friends of mine are getting married to each other (finally). I’m really glad that they ended up together in the end. Yes, I’ll be attending their wedding tonight. At the same time, today MARKS a month before the day where I’ll be officially on a 12 weeks break! The maternity leave…

It’s good, really, to have the maternity leave. A time where you can bond with the baby that just came into this world. But before, during and after that, there seems to be so many things to think of. With only 1 more month before the “break”, where I need to patiently wait for little milkie to come out (i.e. if she don’t intend to come out any earlier), what’s going through my mind at this moment?

A wide range…

At work: Is the contract staff and the admin lady able to cope if I’m not around, especially when the contract staff seems to be occupied due to his dad’s condition. But even if they can’t, I can only try and support it back at home (if I have the time). And I haven’t finish the workflow that I’m supposed to. Can I finish it before I go for my leave? And then there’s the audit that’s currently on-going at the moment. There’s still no news on whether they need my help or not. The handover, which I did a few times, and I’ll probably do that another once or twice again. What happen to those things that I haven’t finish?

At home: Have I finished preparing and buying whatever that I need to, for the baby, at this moment? The clothes, mittens and booties, pram, playpen, and most importantly the maternity bag which we will need to bring to the hospital when delivering the baby. There seems to be still quite a few things outstanding, but currently it’s a little too early to buy, such as the wet wipes. Is it going to be painful when giving birth? Am I ready for breastfeeding? To begin a new chapter in my life? Gee… I’m so looking forward to it, but there’s still that queasy feeling somehow. So contradicting.

Financially. Hmm… Will there be any problem?

And yes, back to the new life… will my life be totally changed? How can I cope with that? Ah…

There’s so many things going through my head, for the good and better. I definitely don’t regret going through this path in my life – getting pregnant with lil’s hub baby. I’m just a little worried on the after that. Luckily, I’ve got quite a number of people supporting and helping me, which I’m really thankful for that.

Just one more month, to clear and prepare my mind.

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