Blog #0339

6.48am – Ah. Still sleepy… Maybe I’ll skip the cleaning today… Ass aching a little too much. But… hmm… let’s try and see if I can force myself back to sleep again…

9.53am – Am I feeling moody? It feels like it… Why am I having all those negative thoughts? Why does everything seems to just irritate me, even when I’m still only lying on the bed? No… it’s not good… Seems like today won’t be a fine Sunday…

1.05pm – After some D3, and a light breakfast with milo and cereal, and a whole morning feeling extremely MOODY… we finally reached my parents’ house for a buffet by the 2nd uncle. Nice gathering but the CRAZY HOT weather simply just doesn’t help to lighten my mood. Not even a bit.

2.31pm – Mood.

4.11pm – Still mood.

7.30pm – Back at home and moooooooooooooooooooooooooood. STILL. How?

10.36pm – Seriously. Playing D3 doesn’t help. Surfing internet nor sleeping most likely won’t help too. I’m just feeling damn extremely mood for no good reason. And I don’t really feel like doing anything. This is bad… I hope it’s not going to last for it’s going to help in delaying all those things that I’m supposed to do. I can’t do anything when my mood is that extremely low.

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