Blog #0340

12.43pm – Finished my lunch about half an hour ago, and am now sitting, a little stoned, in front of my computer. The mood’s never improved much. Yes, I’m still as moody for some reasons. I’m not sure if it’s due to the hormones but I’m still feeling relatively much more moody, for a Monday.

And for some reasons, the baby seems to be heavier today. Maybe, she had already gained another kilo, and thus the weight felt.

Overall, I think I’m not just only lost. I don’t feel like doing anything but yet I have tons of things to do, still. It’s just… bad…

The only consolation I got is… at least I managed to shop again this morning, finally, after several attempts for the past few days. Well… let’s just say I needed some retail therapy, since I can’t really walked much now (today, a little standing of 10 minutes seem to put lots of pressure on my poor two legs), and my next tour won’t be anytime sooner.

2.07pm – Another new task but I’m not going to do it! Sigh… mood, mood, mood. Still mood. Maybe a walk will make me feel better.

2.30pm – Would you like to have a cup of cereal?

2.34pm – Let’s do some planning for the week… and hope it helps to make my mood a little better for being a little bit more organized. Oh oh! Maybe I should try to plan for a picnic soon!

3.22pm – What am I doing now? Thinking of a plot. I don’t think I’m going to work today. *LOL* Oh well… my boss is on MC anyway… *OOPS*

3.59pm – Yeah! One HOMEWORK DOWN! Woohoo! After… one year? Oops… pardon me for the delay but I’m simply just too busy and out of inspiration juice for a looooooong period of time.

4.31pm – Okay! That’s it! I have decided to set aside about a hundred bucks just to take cab back to my parents’ house for the next 4 weeks to come, until my maternity leave starts! Can’t stand walking to the bus stop from the office, although it’s just a 15-20 minutes walk (used to be just 10 minutes). Now, a mere 5 minutes (from my seat to the pantry), and I can feel my legs going a little jellied, and as if little milkie can pop out anytime. Gosh! One more hour to go!

4.50pm – My lil’ hub is SOOOOO SWEEEEET! He’s sponsoring my hundred bucks of cab-taking! Woohoo! MUAK! Shall give him a BIG BIG KISS tonight! *EVIL LAUGHTER*

6.53pm – Honestly, there’s no point YOU telling me YOUR problems because that is YOUR problems, and NOT mine. And opting for the raw photos DOESN’T give you the excuse to let me wait for ADDITIONAL 2 months. For goodness sake! I got married 6 months ago and I hadn’t received my wedding shoots YET! You know how freaking long is that? You might as well give it to me a year later… =.=”’

That’s the problem with A LOT of people. If you don’t “chase” after them, they just let you wait and wait and wait. I’m “chasing” after BOTH my wedding photographer and contractor now. Both are idiots. So what if their skills are not bad. After all these things, marks are DEFINITELY deducted. Recommend it to friends? Well… I’ll need to SERIOUSLY reconsider on that.

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