Blog #0341

7.42am – I think I looked disastrous these days. *staring at myself in the mirror*

9.28am – Dragged my feet to work today. Though the lil’ hub suggesting taking mc today, I rejected because I had an urge to update my boss on yesterday’s meeting. I supposed it’s me. My mood is still bad, extremely bad in fact. And then suddenly, I recalled on all the things that Joey mentioned previously. On the kind of things that I SHOULD do, and then the obstacles that I’ll faced etc.

Stupid idiotic irresponsible people.

10.11am – Gee… Just chatted with a long lost colleague and so nice to know that she’s married! But both her parents had passed away during this period. It’s been almost 2 years since I last saw her… Time really flies… But am glad that she’s happily married now.

10.51am – No mood but yet still have to work. Boss still don’t have the time for me. Talked to the director and then now I’ll need to think and come up with something by the end of this week. Gee… always give me last minute work. Hmm… 3 months passed already? So fast and it’s another QBR?

11.24am – At work, it’s always good to have a boss that will back you up. And even better if you have the boss of those idiots to back you up. 1-0, you lose! Let’s happily do the reporting for the idiot’s boss! I think I seriously need to go to the beach to relax a little.

1.50pm – After a walk around NEX but… hmmm… somewhat I still feel the same. Crap.

3.44pm – Crap. I just burped out my lunch. Gross.

4.14pm – See… it’s not just me. I guess the boss of those idiot’s knew it too. So now, after almost 2 hours of meeting, my boss came out and she’ll need to talk to the individual Project Manager on the updated workflow. Sigh…

4.45pm – Wow… I just randomly and smartly “broke” the password of my development database account. Gee… there’s really totally no security at all. Damn it. I only tested one password and it worked. Sh*t.

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