Blog #0342

7.43am – My parents probably shouldn’t had gave me a Chinese name that sounds like “timid” in a certain way, because in actual fact, I AM rather timid. And great, I just got frightened by my MIL this morning as I walked pass her room. She stood motionlessly and quietly beside her door, staring out at me as I walked pass… And the response I got from her? “You got a fright.” Yes, mother, obviously. Since you can see me literally “jumped” a bit. My bet. I shouldn’t have looked into her room as I pass by (a daily habit to see if she’s out for her morning exercise). Damn it.

8.33am – RAINBOW!! I SAW A RAINBOW!! AHHH!!! Oh, didn’t I tell you it’s a nice morning, after a (I supposed) heavy rain?

8.44am – Back at parents’ house. Computer set up. More or less can start work other than for the fact that my dad “stole” the fan from my room again. So now it’s like… SO BLOODY HOT!!! Anyway, good morning! Time to get cracking!

9.55am – Okay! One down. Now, to be fair, let’s go back to work!

11.33am – It really is true… when you are trying to relax, suddenly, problems started coming in!

1.49pm – Finished my lunch, did half of the jelly and updated my new scrapbooking website. Now it’s back to work again.

4.04pm – Audit is so much more difficult when you have extremely STRAIGHT people. Why? Because when you are trying so hard to help them, somehow, they just made it more difficult for both you and themselves. Gosh… what am I to do? Do you want me to tell you directly? Sigh…

5.56pm – Yeah! I’m off work. But weird. I never walk as much today, yet my feet and legs are even more swollen. Can somebody out there care to explain to me? I drank the same amount of water too.

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