Blog #0343

7.07am – It’s soooooooooo itchy. How? My tummy is itching like nobody’s business. I mean, it’s just MY business anyway…

8.46am – This is what happens when one aims for perfection, while another BIG lot just care about themselves. Soon, the “CYA” behaviour will appear. No idea what “CYA” meant? It stands for “Cover Your Ass”.

9.13am – Just a day working from home, and I’d accumulated at least 6 more things to do, and it’s not really small. Surely there’s some pros and cons in working from home huh? Sigh… Since I stepped into office this morning at 8.15am, I hadn’t stopped discussing till now. Tons of work to do but only 3 more weeks + 2 days left. Gee… I wonder if I can managed to clear it.

Am glad though, that I received (so quickly), my “retail therapy” products already. So nice of the receptionist to put it under my table. ^^ Hmm… I think my mum will kill me, if she knew about all these sprees…

10.31am – BLOODY DAMN PISSED OFF WITH THIS STUPID BRAINLESS IDIOTIC PROJECT MANAGER! If you don’t know how to check the workflow, then DON’T ACCUSE! Twice or more in a row, you only know how to point fingers. F*. Never check properly then just point fingers first. F*. I know you’ve got 10 fingers, but can you just keep those fingers to yourself first. Waste my time entertaining you.

10.46am – Suddenly I have an inspiration. Create a game. Motive? Just chase after a stupid pig that kept shitting everywhere, and dirty your house. And then you try to kill it, and if you did, you win the game! Oh yes! Otherwise, I’ll just create the layout of the office, and then the target of the game is to put a bomb in that particular place. Of course, there will be obstacles! Damn it. I’m SO insprired. Kill that SBIPM!

12.08pm – Back to work… Urgh.

12.47pm – Oh… nice white top. The one that I got it online. Hmm… Should I asked my mum to wash it, and then I wear that to take photo? Or should I just wear my sister’s one?

1.52pm – Yes, it’s our fault alright. We changed something on our end and thus things are not working as of now. But how, then? There’s NO budget.

2.10pm – PHEW! I’m so glad I kept all of my emails! Thought I won’t be able to find it, and there’ll be that BIG hole for audit. Sigh, but still, we are careless for just deleting it all together, without keeping one copy of it. So tiring… so many things to do and track.

2.31pm – Pea brain in the midst of exploding… but there’s still another 3 more hours to go.

3.34pm – Gee… how come only 1 hour passed so far? I thought it should be at least 4pm by now? It’s so weird that the time passes so slowly when you are in the office.

6.05pm – Okay, that’s it! There’s overcharged for cab fare and I need to go home already! *Quickly send out the report*

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