Thoughts – Week 34 Day X

It’s early in the morning and my mind is already filled with tons of work, as I tried to strike off the items off the TO-DO list. But then, there’s always time for writing, isn’t it? Especially if I want to write on the amazing things that’s happening to my little milkie & me.

I’m currently at my week 34 at X number of days since I don’t have an exact EDD (Expected Due Date). Well, I supposed the experienced gynae didn’t want to pin-point an exact date since he’s not for sure when she will be due either. And as far as I saw from the last appointment with him last week, the EDD seems to be different for all the places that he measured (on little milkie).

So now what?

I’m just waiting… waiting for? Hmm… good question.

Waiting to know how does contractions feel like. I’m serious. I kept wondering how was it like. Everyone told me that it’ll be like menses cramps, except that it’s a lot more painful than that. Great. Define “more painful”. Beyond words? Can’t talk nor move? Almost going to faint? Gee…

Waiting for little milkie to come out. There’s some contradictions though. I mean, yes, I want her to be out and safe. But will I suddenly feel weird, especially when the weight is suddenly gone? (Since the baby, the placenta etc. will be out)


After all these 8 months, I’m honestly quite used to the things (both old & new) that kept I experienced, out of nowhere. Amazement, is what I felt most of the time.

Pinkish Face
I’m glad, that I’m borned with a relatively good complexion, with hardly any pimples on my face throughout my life. Other than that one period of time where I binged on food and got fat. And I’m really glad that through this whole pregnancy, my hormones never go hay-wire either. Yes, there were myths saying that if it’s a boy, then your face will start to have pimples. But I guess my gf broke that myth by having a baby girl instead and an outbreak on the face. What’s more, other than the last month due to probably the lack of sleep, my face seems to glow and look pinkish every morning (or even throughout the day!).

Expanded Nose
Oh goody goody! Till now, I haven’t really seen my nose going bigger yet! It still look the same as before. So basically, other than the little extra fats that is hardly noticeable at my double chin (since I already have it before I got pregnant), my face still looks the same.

Bigger Bosom
This is definitely good to grab, I mean, touch. Extremely soft and bouncy still. Though, recently it appears to be smaller compared to the first 3 months, which I presume it’s due to the huge tummy that’s underneath it. Nonetheless, I LOVE MY BOOBS NOW! And that cleavage! Let’s hope it doesn’t change much after I’d given birth and breastfed the baby. I wouldn’t want it to droop or become totally flat (I’m not totally flat to begin with!).

Growing Tummy
Yes, this is where my little milkie currently is. From a small little bulge till now an extremely big bulge, which a lot of people had commented. I think it’s due to the short body length that I have, and thus the lack of space to grow vertically. Walking is difficult. Sleeping is difficult. Sitting down is difficult. Basically, any movements are difficult, or not as easy as previously already. And I had to be extremely careful when going to the toilet because of the squeezy walkway (which somehow, I always just briefly missed hitting the tummy by about a centimeter). But what can I do right? I can only sit and walk with my legs slightly open, and sleep in a totally unglamourous posture. But who cares! Only the lil’ hub will get to see it! *LOL*

Skinny Arms
Again, I’m glad for the genes that I have, that doesn’t ballooned by arms and hands even at Week 34. I hope it stays that way. I’m still able to wear my wedding bands on my fingers, which most of the pregnant ladies couldn’t. That goes to show how much fats or water I gained on my arms and hands. Envy? You don’t have to. I’ve got somewhere else ballooning…

Ballooned Legs & Feet
Yes, this is where all the water (mainly) went to… and it’s terrible. I really mean terrible. Since about 1-2 weeks ago, it started to balloon, and in fact, everyday. So badly till I can hardly feel both my feet and small calves. Looks like a pig’s leg to me. Raising the legs up to sleep at night, and drinking lots of water does help a bit, especially in the morning. But normally after half a day is gone, or in the evening, it will ballooned to it’s maximum again. Damn. Luckily I’ve got a slightly bigger pair of shoes. And yes, walking definitely is getting more difficult, especially with the ever gaining weight, loosen joints and the numbed legs & feet.

Breathlessness & Lack of Sleep
I guess, I can’t help it when the lungs (from what I read in books) are “squashed” due to the lack of space and thus the feeling of breathlessness when talking or walking, or even sleeping, if the position wasn’t that right. And the sleep is definitely deprived at this point. What can I say? At least I can sleep while sitting up, even if little milkie’s wriggling about. But yes, all these are causing some strains on me mentally. And at times, I do felt more irritated. Again, what can I do, it’s just part of the pregnancy, and I’ll have to bear with it.

Aodrable Little Milkie
She’s cute! Oh yes, she is, and getting really very active! And routine too. From an egg and a sperm, she had grown to become a 2kg baby inside my womb, and coming to this world in about a month or so. And from the point where I can hardly feel anything, right now, I can feel that she’s inside me almost every other hour! Yes, she’ll rest for an hour, then get really active in the next hour, and then it repeats itself. There’s a pattern! And at about 11pm, that’s where one of the most vigorous actions will occur. Why? Because it’s story-telling time! It’s quite amazing… Imagine me playing D3 half way, and she hardly move much but suddenly, she’ll become SO active. And when you look at the time, it’s always around 11pm. And yes, that’s where I’ll need to try and stop. *LOL* So adorable isn’t it?

Supportive Lil’ Hub
I think he’s getting a little excited recently. But just a little bit more due to the fact that little milkie is REALLY coming out soon. Nonetheless, he still hardly play much in her life – I mean, he hardly “talks” to her, so much so I wonder if little milkie will recognise him. Do you know why I said that? Because when I read/sing to her, there’ll be a lot of reactions. But when he’s the one doing it, little milkie will stay extremely quiet. Weird huh? But oh well, lil’ hub’s had been relatively nicer for the past 34 weeks, so I guess I’ll let it pass! Muak muak!! *squeeeeeeze* And I want my lappie and bear bear! (if you ever read this)

Loving Family
And of course, I’ve got my nice family members! Those that I love dearly. I’m really very glad that they are there for me. It simply makes the whole pregnancy (and new married life) a lot easier to deal with, especially with the hormones that’s causing some problems at times. I LOVE YOU GUYS!

New Mother
You are still relatively new in my life. Though there’s still a lot of issues and conflicts but let’s just hope we can stay together and stay out of each other’s life as much as possible. I’m just asking for a few things – give me my privacy and breathing space while at home (that includes not staring at me, use my things, appear quietly somewhere and scare me) and keeping the house (especially the stove) clean & neat and not cluttered with old, dirty and ugly things. That’s about all… hmm… how come 2 main points only? Okay, let’s add some small points. When the baby is out, please don’t try and give me all your traditional theories. And if possible, talk softer with less dialect. I’ll be really thankful for it.

Okay, I guessed I wrote a little too much. And it’s almost lunch time soon. But I felt good to get the brain juice out. Time to work on the work in full blast!

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