Blog #0346

7.03am – I mean, not that I can choose it. I ain’t that sick, just feeling a bit low, with headache due to the not-so-good sleep and of course, the lack of it. But since my hips are still in pain, I decided to take it with the lil’ hub.

But alas. Bad day to decide to take mc. Bad day…

I woke up, and emailed my boss and the admin about my mc. And then only to read the SMS by the contract guy, who sent it at 3am in the morning. He, too, will be on mc due to a high fever. It wouldn’t be a problem until when I decided to text the admin, which luckily I did. Otherwise, I wouldn’t know that she, TOO, is on mc, due to the Sundown Run that quite a number of people went that day. Half way, it rained and lots of people got sick. So that’s it. My team, all down. So who’s going to generate the report?

Sigh… being me, and being the one that’s more “mobile”, I volunteered to generate the report. And so… I requested for the lil’ hub to send me to the office to pick up my lappie… I don’t have a choice.

8.22am – Yeah! The lil’ hub successfully got the lappie for me. Luckily his face is thick enough to bring him up there to take for me. Otherwise, I’ll need to struggle with my stupid hip all the way up.

10.20am – Seen the doctor. Now rotting at my parents’ house for a short while, while we play with my cute nephew.

5.07pm – Off work soon! Erm… yes, I’m helping to support in case of any emergency in the office, while playing D3 for the whole day! Am I wasting time? I sure am! *LOL*

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