Blog #0347

7.16am – Hmm… little milkie is especially quiet this morning… *tap tap my tummy*

7.57am – Like what I just told the lil’ hub. I think comparatively… I still prefer little milkie to do her daily stunts lest I start to worry if she’s alright or not. ESPECIALLY when she slept so early yesterday night.

8.24am – Crap. I’ve got a still haven’t recovered person sitting beside me. Let’s hope I don’t get any virus from him. I get sick relatively quite easily.

8.45am – Oh crap. Another haven’t totally recovered person sitting beside-beside me. Gee… why do I feel the virus all coming straight at me already?

9.17am – FOCUS. I need to finish these 2 things. And I got 2 weeks to complete (at max).

10.19am – Is it the lack of sleep again? Why am I having a headache?

12.31pm – Just got back from lunch. Luckily the rain more or less stopped, left a little drizzle for us to quickly come back to the office. And now, I’m so sleepy. But there’s 5 more hours to go. How to survive? Almost the last month… endure…

1.29pm – Oh… a PM leaving… But WHY? WHY is it not that irritating one? *LOL*

2.39pm – OMG! It’s only 2.39pm! But why does it feels like around 3-4pm already! Damn it. Damn it.

3.26pm – Seriously. I really wonder how I can finish my list of TO-DOs, especially now that I seem to be in my OFF-mode most of the time. Or else, I’m back at home playing D3 with the lil’ hub. Maybe it’s quite a bad idea to ask him to start the game.

3.48pm – Little milkie: time to disturb mummy and wriggle non-stop!! Woohoo!!

4.09pm – The one that’s going to leave. Well… somehow suddenly I felt that he’s so much more lively and happier. Maybe, indeed, it is good for him, to leave this place, if it’s going to make him feel down most of the time. Good for him!

4.31pm – Alamak… do I look like a walking-search-function to you? I think you can simply just do a query and you’ll be able to find out which table it’s from right? Sigh… don’t every little thing also ask me if I knew where it is. To tell you the truth, even if I know, I probably won’t say because like that, you won’t learn as much. Learn it the harder way please… it’s not THAT hard.

5.11pm – 19 more minutes! I’m so glad I can survive till now. Sigh… the time is passing so slowly nowadays at work.

7.16pm – Great. I brought my work lappie back but then… THE VPN DOESN’T WORK!!!!

10.08pm – Crap. D3 on maintenance. Crap. Never mind. Shall sleep early tonight.

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