Blog #0348

8.52am – The closing of another quarter. The renewing of (LOTS OF) contracts. Everybody losing their mind as they struggled to have the reports done. Hmm…

Early in the morning, as I reached the office, I was “dragged” into the room and interrogated by my boss on any problem encountered by the admin. Well, honestly, not that I know of. But then somehow, apparently, the boss, and boss’s boss ain’t very please with her performance due to the errors that she made. I mean, as her “lunch kakis”, I tried to defend her but there’s only that much that I can do because… hmm… how to say… It’s been quite a while since she’s that careless. So all I could do was listen… and probably talk to her later. There’s that one thing which she normally doesn’t do – to tell the boss when you face a problem. At least, that’s what I realised after talking to her for quite a long time.

Anyway, I need to get back to my work too. Something’s wrong with the report. Or either that, the actual performance of our IT team. But first, let me try and grab my the IT director.

9.57am – This is bad… especially when partly it’s the system’s fault and not yours. BUT… if she raised it earlier to the management. Maybe… just maybe… it wouldn’t be as bad now?

11.09am – After a few days of rushing the reports out. Now, it’s deemed useless because *LOL* the team doesn’t seem to be performing. But never mind. All the more better. I can finally concentrate on my workflow. I NEED to FINISH by TODAY!

2.59pm – *Take a break* She’s scolding her child again. The age where one starts to rebel. Hmm… Poor thing. She cried today because of some issues that’s not totally her fault. She just happened to be at the point where she “kio all the sai”, meaning take all the sh*t and blame. Who’s the one that should be at fault? The one that had already left a year ago, and leaving a lot of rubbish for people to clear. Sigh…

4.13pm – Crap! I’m SO FREAKING BUSY!

5.17pm – Still not done yet. How?… … …


6.22pm – Okay, let’s see if I can help my boss to settle this… once and for all WHEN everyone that I need help had already left. BLEH.

6.57pm – I’m still in the office. Lil’ hub coming to fetch me now. Hope I can finish my work before he reach.

8.00pm – Oh no! I totally forgotten the fact that we still need to register and wait for the box to be delivered etc. if we want to do cordblood banking for little milkie. Ah… Hopefully we are still in time for it.

9.51pm – Weird. Did my friend’s D3 account got hacked? How come no response one?

10.51pm – Pain. In the pelvic area. Is that normal? Little milkie’s head seem to be only 5cm from “the door”. Gee… I’m only at Week 35.

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