Blog #0349

9.29am – Just had my filled and back to the office. Let’s see… I think I should call Stemcord now and check things out before I start doing my work. Otherwise… there seems to be something pending there and I won’t be able to concentrate. It’s THURSDAY! And the last day of May, which means, I can officially start counting down! One month, to the first week of July, my EDD. Woohoo! *So looking forward to it*

10.05am – There really IS something wrong with that system of mine. There’s an error which can’t be solved but today, when I saved it as another version, it ACTUALLY WORKS! To take note, I never change anything at all.

2.55pm – I’d been cracking my head since the morning. Tried to find out how the mapping was done in my system and only to find out that it was done in a way where it’s not going to be easy. So… now I’m thinking of a very “cheap” way. Let’s see if it works.

4.08pm – After continuously cracking my head for hours and trying out the “Cheap” and other alternative ways. Hmm… it still cannot be done. Damn it. Maybe I should just go grab some milo + cereal to replenish the brain cells.

10.09pm – Boy… I’m being banned from playing D3, thanks to whoever who told the lil’ hub that it’s going to be bad influence for little milkie. HELLO… I played for 2 weeks already and now you are telling me this? Sigh… Anyway, the lil’ hub promised not to play either. I hope he better keep to his words, or else I’m going to start announcing it to the world already!

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