Blog #0382

The time is 1.46am and I’m still fully awake. Thanks to the left-over pizza from earlier on, and the two naps that I had today. Somehow, the mood doesn’t seem extremely good. Maybe the hormones are playing games again. Had been surfing the Internet for the past hour and went through some crafting websites. Sigh… […]

Blog #0381

9.21am – After almost a whole day of constant contractions yesterday (which I guessed it should be the Braxton Hicks), little milkie is still happily comfy in my tummy! *LOL* Hmm… I wonder if I should try and convince my mum to go out today. I’m so darn bored. Today is Friday and I’d already […]

Blog #0380

8.17am – Just received an SMS from my admin saying that the temp guy will be going in late to the office today. Sigh… Attitude showing? I seriously don’t really want to be racist and link these 2 totally diffrent issues up. But from my past experience with all those people working under me, this […]

Blog #0379

8.49am – Oh yes, I know. Of course I know. You are my lil’ hub, of course I know and expected that you won’t like your breakfast yesterday. That’s why I came out to prepare earlier this morning. ^^ 10.22am – Received an SMS from work again. I wonder what happened this time… Seems like […]

Blog #0378

8.15am – It’s a Tuesday morning, and once AGAIN, I’m STILL around! Yippee! Erm… Hmm… Seriously, it doesn’t seem that fun anymore to guess when little milkie is going to come out. I’m already in my week 38-39, and she really seems to be very comfy inside. Of course, I wouldn’t want to rush her […]

Blog #0377

Another day is going to pass soon. Doubt little milkie will be coming out today either. There goes the same Chinese birthday as your mummy and granny! Oh well, I guess she’s real comfy inside my tummy. Today had been another day of rotting, except that it’s with the lil’ hub. He had taken the […]