Blog #0350

It’s 50% work and 50% rotting at the office today! After all, it’s TGIF! Anyway, I felt like mentioning on the few people or things that I encountered today. Somewhat, I’m in the MOOD for that.

So let’s start, of course, with myself and little milkie, since well, I’ll need to “connect” with myself early in the morning everyday. Hmm… let’s see. My feet are still swollen after a night of lifting it up with the support of a bolster and a pillow. My back is a little aching after sitting up to sleep for the whole night. Little milkie is awake at the sound of the alarm clock. And I look so plain and pale! Finally gave up on the idea of dressing up especially when the energy’s that low almost everyday. And then the need to carry the big tummy around doesn’t help at all. Never mind, it’s alright, just a month plus more to go!

Then the next is the lil’ hub. Damn… He’s really so lazy… and getting so difficult to wake him up at times. Today, I’m late because he refused to wake up. Yes, I know it’s a Friday but still… Well, I gave up waking him up every 5 minutes, and instead called him using my work pc while I waited for him and did some of my work in the morning (when I’m in the room next door). How can someone sleep so much everyday? I wondered…

The third person I met – my MIL. Funnily, I caught her “littering” this morning. What did she do? She cut her nails outside the window, which means the “cut nails” dropped directly outside. Erm… there might be nothing wrong with this since one don’t have to clean it up afterwards. But then still, logically speaking, it still seems like littering isn’t it? Anyway, I caught and asked her about it, and said that she’s actually littering, and the lil’ hub added “oil” to it by saying that she got caught by her DIL =.=”’ My MIL… well… there’s nothing wrong with her except that the way she does things is a bit weird at times.

Next, is the contract guy that’s helping me. He kept asking me if what he did is correct. Hmm… to be honest, I wouldn’t know. Why? Because I asked you to do it, meaning I never touch it at all, so why would I know if it’s correct? Nonetheless, he’s quite okay with the things that he did, for now. I hope it will continue after I went for my maternity leave.

My admin. Yes. Today her mood seems a lot better after her self-assurance, which is definitely good. Again, like I said, it’s not totally her fault. And the thing she’s pissed with, was because the director said that she’s irresponsible. She felt injustice since she had been working quite late, and bringing work back home recently.

Lastly, its an unknown person. And I believe she won’t be the only one. A visit to the toilet and I realised that one of the seat cover is covered with urine (I’m quite sure it’s not water because it’s a bit yellowish in colour). There’s no issue with it except that, the urine is at the inside of the seat rather than the outside. Now, I just wonder… where it the lady facing when she’s peeing? If she’s facing outside (the normal way), how to then, to wet the seat inside? Weird. No footprints found on the seat though.

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