Blog #0351

Snuggling up on my bed and trying to get a nice sleeping/sitting position posed to be a challenge recently, especially with little milkie wriggling almost non-stop after 11pm most of the time. Caught at least a few videos of her jabbing around in the womb just now, and one which knocked my hand, causing the whole screen to shake a little. Violent little girl, that’s the first thing that came into my mind.

Today had been a hectic day, going from one place to another. From the first stop of buying our McDonald’s breakfast, and then going to Mount Alvernia for our routine check-up, and then to the Expo for mainly signing up for the Cordblood banking which we ended up getting some S size pampers and baby wipes, before going to 112 Katong for lunch and movie with my girlfriend, and then buying food back along Katong for dinner with my sister and friend. *Phew* Tiring? You bet! My legs and feet are as swollen as that of the pigs!

And talking about my girlfriend who’s pregnancy is 3 weeks later than mine, I seriously do envy her a little. Why? Because her tummy is half as big as mine (which seems to be the size when I was 5-6 months pregnant) which makes walking so much easier. And because of that, she hardly had any backaches or water retention in the legs at all. What’s more, she gained only 5kg and the baby is 1.8kg! Erm… okay, maybe that’s a bit too little but better than mine, which is like 14kg already! Damn… I seriously wonder how I’m going to lose it after that.

Anyway, am really tired for today, so I think I’m going to sleep once little milkie stop wriggling about OR just ignore her if I’m really too darn tired. Saturday’s over just like that. Sunday will be here soon. And then… it’s the gross Monday again. Oh yes! My parents are coming back tomorrow!

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