Movie – Snow White & The Huntsman

Did I just watch a Snow White movie recently? Oh yes, I think I did! And now, it’s Snow White again! Hmm… I seriously wonder what’s with the Hollywood’s theme. They seem to always film the same kind of movie at a same period of time. Example, when there’s one vampire movie, then suddenly, there’s a lot of vampire movies. And then if there’s some fairy-tale related movies, then suddenly there’s a lot on that genre. Is there someone setting up those themes unknowingly over there?

Anyway, this is again, another movie on Snow White, starring Kristen Stewart as the princess, Chris Hemsworth (the one that look like the haggard Brad Pitt as Thor) as the Huntsman, and Charlize Theron as the psychotic Queen. Well, I seriously would praised the Queen for that nice acting, especially if it’s meant to be the fact that she’s a bit psychotic because she did give me the feeling that she’s a bit psychotic due to her childhood. Yes, there’s a bit of history (or difference) to the background information of the Queen (finally).

As the story goes, which most people know but I’ll just repeat it again in a summarized version. The queen came, the king died (for whatever reason), the queen took over the throne and locked Snow White up. And the Queen knowing that she’s not the fairest of all anymore, decided to kill Snow White. Then for some reasons again, she managed to escape or ran away into the forest, and then got helped by people. Well, erm… for this movie, she didn’t exactly get help directly at the start. She just ran and escaped into the black forest, and the Queen “engaged” (more of forcing) the Huntsman to look for Snow White, who in the end, upon knowing that the Queen is not going to promise what he will be given, helped Snow White instead.

So that’s where the Queen’s brother and men started to chase after the 2 of them. And yes, not forgetting Snow White’s childhood friend, William (starring Sam Claflin) who was introduced into this movie for I’m-not-sure what reason because he’s not the one that lifted the spell. Oops, did I say too much?

Okay, I better stop now and you decide if you want to watch it. I won’t exactly say that it’s nice. To me, it’s just an okay movie with much expected plot since there can’t be much twist to it except this story if more of about the Snow White and the Huntsman from not sure where (usually it’s the Prince).

Kristen’s acting ain’t that impressive either and that “Twilight” image of Bella still seems to linger in this movie. As for Chris, erm… he’s ALL covered up the whole time for this movie. *LOL*

So that’s it. The story of Snow White (who fights) and the Huntsman.

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