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Guess what?! I just left the gynae’s and here’s the new findings!

I’m at week 35 (okay, this is not new). And it’s confirmed again that I’m having a baby girl, so it’s definitely little milkie and not little milo (the gynae showed us that 3 “lines” on the ultrasound). I’m 58kg (getting heavier on a spur of 1.5kg only after 2 weeks), and little milkie is 2.5kg already (of course she’s healthy too)! Lastly, it could be anytime from now! Meaning? Meaning if little milkie wants to come out now, the gynae ain’t going to stop her! O.O!! Of course, the “stretched” feeling at the base of my tummy is normal and from next week onwards, I’ll need to start seeing the gynae weekly to check on my status.

Goodie! I’m so excited upon hearing that but what would that implies?

Suddenly, streams of thoughts flowed through my mind and I didn’t know where to start first. The questions that had been at the back of my mind just surfaced itself again. Am I really prepared for that moment? Have I really gone through that list of things to buy? I think there’s still some outstanding items! And my maternity bag, gosh! It’s not really exactly that packed yet!

Gee, I wondered… anytime, anywhere? Just a day ago, I had a chat with my admin, and I asked her about the water bag. Had always thought that it’ll be like a water tap, and the water is just going to start flowing and flowing but apparently that’s not the case! It’s just going to BURST and one “bucket” of water is just going to come out and that’s it. So then, what happened if it burst while I’m sleeping on my bed? My bed… the mattress… *GASP*

Oh yes, it’s such things that’s crossing my mind nowadays, especially when you have no idea what’s going to happen or when it’s going to happen. I tried to google on the “signs of labour” but none of it states the actual symptoms that one might experience a few days before it happened, other than maybe… loose stools? But somehow, that’s not always applicable either.

I’m only worried for one thing. What happen if, just IF ONLY, I didn’t realise that my water bag burst, nor the “red” (blood coming out) is here, nor the contractions? *OOPS*

Oh yes, the new mum-to-be is definitely worried and having a lot of questions in her head which nobody can really answer her. And she’s even more worried when she has a hubby whom seem to know only nuts! *LOL* But then, yes, she’s definitely excited for sure!

Little milkie! Just don’t let your mummy & daddy wait too long okay? It’s killing us (or probably just me since it doesn’t really affect the lil’ hub much) to not know when you are coming out! Damn it! Oh yes, and the gynae recommended me to continue to work until the baby is out but hmm… I guess I’ll have to talk to my boss and see how things goes. If I start my maternity leave as per planned, I probably won’t have much to do at home yet other than packing the things and rotting, and that my boss might not get that much of my help. But if I were to delay my leave, what happen if the contract guy couldn’t stay as long? *Ponder & Ponder*

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