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8.34am – Good MORNING SUNDAY, peeps!

I’m already up for an hour, and am now having my breakfast which consists of a cup of milk and a bread. Not something that I’m craving for, but at the least, it’s not the porridge again, which I suspect I’ll be having it later for lunch (thanks to the lil’ hub who had been craving for it for weeks…).

Anyway, if you were to ask me how come I woke up so early? Well, let’s just say, I reckoned I’ll be too busy once little milkie is out, and I probably won’t have the time to update my long out-dated posts (which adds up to almost a hundred now!). So since I woke up this morning to wash the throw-overs for the sofa, I might as well just stay awake albeit the aches in the back and the sleepyness, and try to finish things up. Furthermore, the “juice” is a little bit more today!

Now, just one more thing… let me close the study room’s door and have a little privacy to myself. So that I can concentrate. I wouldn’t want another staring incident. *LOL* Though I doubt that will happen again after the lil’ hub mentioned it to her but I guess I wouldn’t want to give it another try. Oh, lil’ hub? He’s still sleeping soundly in the bedroom. I promised him that I’ll let him sleep all he wants today. So now, I HAVE ALL THE TIME TO MYSELF TOO! *Wink* Let’s start cracking! I’ve got so many things in my head!

9.24am – The sleeping bug is hitting me already… should I continue or should I stop here for a while and take a short nap, before continuing it later?

11.13am – I’m awake again! So nice to take a short nap. Hee hee… It’s back to updating the posts!

12.02pm – So bored. The plan to visit the temple this afternoon had been cancelled by the lil’ hub who is too lazy to travel that far and squeeze with the people. Let’s hope there’s some plans from my sister… Otherwise… This will be a damn boring Sunday again. And I’m so freaking hungry… Been craving for something, but yet not sure what is that something. Hmm… food… food… and I’m eating porridge AGAIN for my lunch now. Darn.

1.03pm – Finished a lunch which doesn’t seem to be satisfying (as usual) and washed the bowls and plates. Now it’s back to the study room and continuing my ramblings!

“The cloud darkened and the thunder roared. The smell of rain filled the air. It’s nearing, just you see. It’s coming soon.”

4.04pm – I’m awake from another nap! Damn, ain’t I tired? Is it me, or is it due to the pregnancy? Why do I kept feeling so sleepy every now and then. And hungry too… *munching my biscuit in a cup of milo* But ah… I’m still so behind my posts! And the day is going to end real soon!

4.22pm – Just secretly took a few bites of the expensive Kim Choo dumplings that we bought yesterday from Katong and it’s nice!

4.54pm – Yippee! I’ve got my new thumby! 48GB! Isn’t that good? But… what should I use it for, when I’ve got at least 2 or 3 others… BUT then again, this is 48GB! *LOL* The problem with a techy person, what’s worse, I’m the gal. Bleh.

7.10pm – After a few hours of wondering what to eat, and rejecting the oily and fried food. Here we are! At the Seng Kang McDonald’s! Sometimes, to be honest, I really feel like strangling the lil’ hub. Sigh… but other than those times, I think I would rather squeeze him than to strangle him. ^^

9.37pm – Freaking hot now. And the lil’ hub is talking about his friend, who told him┬áthat he should buy a condominium for his mum to stay and enjoy since she’s quite old already. WTF. What kind of logic is that? Staying in a condominium = Enjoying life? DUH! And hmm… does my lil’ hub have that kind of face that says he earns very little? Weird. That friend of his just assume it. Oh well… whatever.

10.04pm – Looking through the photos in FB now. Hmm… I need to have a diet & exercise plan after giving birth. There’s one whole load of NEW clothes waiting for me! And now I’m planning for another new batch. Wahahahaha… oops.

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